12 June 2013

Watch Diamondbacks-Dodgers descend into a nasty brawl

It got ugly last night in Chavez Ravine. The fireworks started when Arizona pitcher Ian Kennedy nailed L.A. phenom Yasiel Puig right in the grill. Puig remarkably stayed in the game and simply wiped blood swirling out of his nose. Therefore, the Dodgers responded with Zach Greinke hitting Miguel Montero at the top of the next inning. The benches emptied thereafter but it was relatively harmless and play continued.

But one inning later, Kennedy was not finished and went right after Greinke and then, as they say, it hit the fan. Let's go to the videotape.

I will be honest, it was wild to see Mark McGuire get into it with Matt Williams in a scene right out of 1995.

We should see a fair amount of suspensions following that mess, but what Kennedy did was disgraceful. I'm not sold that the pitch that drilled Puig was intentional, just a brush-back attempt, but the Greinke pitch without question was, and that crossed the line. He has to be suspended for a while, there is no place in the game for guys to be drilling people with 90-plus fastballs.

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