04 June 2013

2013 NBA Finals Predictions

So the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat are going to be battling it out for the Larry O'Brien Trophy. I think somebody familiar predicted that exactly back in the fall, but I am not here to float my own boat, right? But now the question must be asked: will the Heat repeat or will the Spurs, perhaps for the final time with this current core, claim their fifth title in 15 years? Here is my predictions.

TV Schedule

(1) Miami Heat vs. (2) San Antonio Spurs
I am very interested in seeing how the long break for the Spurs, who will not have played in over 10 days when the Finals kick off, affects them compared to the short break for the Heat. Will the Spurs be rusty after not having played in so long, or will the rest benefit their veterans? And for the Heat, will they still be recovering after struggling to put the Pacers away or will they still have their energy levels running high? While I was very impressed at how the Spurs were able to dispatch the Grizzlies without breaking much of a sweat,  I still do not see how the Heat come away from this series without that trophy. Quite simply, I don't think that LeBron James will allow it. 
Heat in 6

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