23 June 2013

2013 NBA Draft Big Board

We are now less than one week from the 2013 NBA Draft. So, who are the top prospects to keep an eye on come Thursday night? Here is the 2013 Big Board.

1. Nerlens Noel, PF/C, Kentucky
Noel is a rare specimen with incredible defensive instincts and skills and while he doesn't have a jumper and his offensive game as a whole is rather unrefined, he is a good finisher, an underrated passer and can use either hand in the paint.

2. Ben McLemore, SG, Kansas
Similarly to Bradley Beal a year ago, McLemore has all the skills you want out of a shooting guard, save for being a little undersized. But there is a legitimate question of whether he can be a little too passive on the court without the ball.

3. Victor Oladipo, SG, Indiana
We have always known that Oladipo was an elite defender, but he made big strides in his offensive game his junior year in Bloomington. His perimeter shot likely was a fluke this year but there are few better in the open court at finishing.

4. Anthony Bennett, F, UNLV
We are not sure whether Bennett will be a small or a power forward, but we do know that he has prodigious  gifts on the offensive end. He also is a solid rebounder but he has to show more effort on the defensive end.

5. Otto Porter, SF, Georgetown
Many have said that Porter may be the safest pick in this draft and he has the skill-set of an ideal small forward. The questions are with his upside and where is his ceiling, but he should be a solid NBA pro.

6. Alex Len, C, Maryland
Len has to be one of the more intriguing prospects in this draft class. He has an excellent frame that is north of seven-feet and shows a very impressive offensive skill-set with a solid inside-outside game that not many have at his size. He does have the skills to be good on defense, but is still a work in progress. It is important to note that he was not that dominant in College Park and still has a ways to go in his development.

7. Trey Burke, PG, Michigan
Burke has a brilliant season en route to getting National Player of the Year as well as leading Michigan to the National Championship Game. He is a small point guard but makes up for it with long arms. He knows how to play smart and is very talented offensively as a shooter and as a distributor. He may never be more than an average defender, however.

8. C.J. McCollum, G, Lehigh
One of the few guys whom I have seen regularly (yay Patriot League), McCollum may not be a point guard as he never was much of a facilitator in Bethlehem, but he is instant offense. His offensive game is very impressive as he can score in multiple ways whether it be nailing jumpers from outside to driving and drawing contact. His defensive game does not get much spotlight and is better than many think.

9. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, SG, Georgia
This is a guy who has seen his stock rise into where he could be a top ten selection after an impressive sophomore season in Athens. His ability to score is very good as his instinct are top-notch. Caldwell-Pope utilizes his size and athleticism to his advantage in his game on offense and he is solid defensively as well. He also is sneaky good on the boards.

10. Cody Zeller, PF/C, Indiana
Had the draft taken place in October, Zeller may have been the top pick. He hurt his stock by not improving his game that much, but he still should go early on Thursday. I mean, how many athletic seven-footers can you find with the offensive game that Zeller has? He may never be an elite defender or rebounder but once his body fills out, he should be a quality big.

11. Michael Carter-Williams, PG, Syracuse
You know what you are getting with a guy like Carter-Williams. He's never going to be a great shooter and his scoring game is limited, save for finishing at the rim, but is a big point guard with excellent playmaking abilities with the ball in his hands. He also projects to be a plus defender as well.

12. Shabazz Muhammed, SG/SF, UCLA
To say Muhammed is a polarizing prospect is as if to say I am loud, it's common knowledge. He has his fair share of flaws, he's rather one-dimensional, doesn't have a set position, is not that efficient offensively, can be moody and is older than previously thought. But he also has the talent that is always in high commodity, the ability to score and to score in bunches.

13. Dennis Schroeder, PG, Germany
Schroeder has the tools you want out of a flashy point guard, quickness and speed, excellent ball-handling skills, court vision and ability to get his teammates involved. He can get anywhere he wants on the court and is brilliant in transition. He has an underrated shot from outside and has the skills to be a real pest on defense. He has to improve his jumper from inside the arc and is still pretty raw at only 19.

14. Steven Adams, C, Pittsburgh
The New Zealand product is still very raw given his limited hoops experience and his less-than-stellar production at Pitt, and he could have used more seasoning. But he has a very impressive physical profile with a great frame, plus size and plus athleticism which make him intriguing to clubs willing to give him time to develop. His offensive game needs a lot of work.

15. Kelly OlynykC, Gonzaga
The big Canadian was awesome this season for the Zags, thanks to his versatile offensive game in which he can attack the basket in the paint or nail jumpers from the perimeter. His offensive game is impressive to the point where his average athleticism and his inconsistent defensive play are not as big of a drag for him as they could be for other bigs.

16. Gorgui Dieng, C, Louisville
We know Dieng is a beast defensively. Part of the top defense in the country this year, Dieng was a shot blocking fiend thanks to strong instincts, good athleticism and a plus motor. But his offensive game has come a long way to where he is no longer a clear weak spot. He has a decent mid-range jumper and is a very good passer for a guy his size. The one big question with him is regarding his age, as he is older than most prospects at 23.

17. Sergey Karasev, SG/SF, Russia
Karasev looks to be one of the rare international prospects that may be ready to play in the Association right now, despite only being 19. He has a very good jump shot and excels in catch-and-shoot action. His slashing abilities could use some work and his defense needs plenty of fine-tuning, but he looks like a contributor.

18. Shane Larkin, PG, Miami
Larkin was one of the most improved players in the nation and played a big role in the Hurricanes having the best season in the history of their program. Now while he is limited by his small stature, as well as by an inconsistent jumper, he is extremely athletic and agile and is tremendous running the pick-and-roll. He should make an immediate impact as a change-of-pace point.

19. Jamaal Franklin, SG, San Diego State
Franklin is a guy that I love and would fit into almost any team in the league due to his ability to do so much. He led the Aztecs in points, boards, assists and steals per game. He has an excellent motor that never stops on both ends, is extremely athletic, can defend multiple positions and is good at finding rebounds. However, his jumper needs some work.

20. Giannis Antetokounmpo, SF, Greece
The "Greek Freak" may be the biggest question of this draft. This is a guy that is extremely raw, some have thought that he may not be ready for the pros in five years, but many see him as a potentially special talent due to impressive ball-handling and passing skills and his size and length.

21. Allen Crabbe, SG, California
Crabbe is not that dissimilar in some aspects from McLemore. Crabbe has an excellent stroke from the perimeter, as well as a good size and length for a 2-guard, but he admittedly says that he has to get more aggressive on the offensive end.

22. Tony MitchellFNorth Texas
Mitchell is a guy that is extremely talented and looked ready to soar up draft boards after a promising freshman campaign. Unfortunately, his game took a hit this season and he across the board declined under a new coach. He needs to find a team that can help him improve his mental approach to the game.

23. Jeff Withey, C, Kansas
It starts and finished on defense with Withey. Yes, he does not have a high ceiling due to being 23 and has little offensive game to speak of, his athleticism and instincts make him a defensive beast.

24. Glen Rice, Jr., SF, NBDL
The son of NBA great Glen Rice has taken a very unusual path to the NBA after multiple transgressions led to him being kicked off the team at Georgia Tech last year. He went to the NBDL and the Rio Grade Valley Vipers. Showcasing an excellent jumper (wonder where he got that from), he played a big role in his club winning the title.

25. Reggie BullockSFNorth Carolina
You can always find a role for guys that shoot as well from outside like Bullock can as he is one of the best shooting 3's in this draft and was a big part of the UNC offense. He also is a fine defender with plus size for a small forward.

26. Rudy Gobert, C, France
Gobert may be one of the biggest physical freaks in recent memory. He stands at 7'2" with an insane 7'8" wingspan and an even more insane 9'7" standing reach. With that and his plus athleticism, he should be a force on defense, as he also has good instincts. His offensive game is a work in progress but thanks to soft hands, he's very good with lobs.

27. Tim Hardaway, Jr., SGMichigan
Yet another guy with the NBA bloodline, Hardaway is very talente but there are some inconsistencies in his game, most notably with his shot selection, which can be questionable at times. Nevertheless, he has plenty of tools to make it at the next level.

28. Mason Plumlee, C, Duke
I will be honest, I am not fan of this Plumlee brother, just as I was no fan of his brother. Yes, Plumlee is very athletic, but where was the production in Durham? Why was he not more of a factor in their offensive gameplan, where he seemed to be overshadowed by fellow big Ryan Kelly.

29. Tony Snell, SG/SF, New Mexico
Snell is a guy that utilized a strong junior season to become a solid draft prospect late in the first. He has a very good jumper from the perimeter and has the physical tools (size, length, athleticism) to become an excellent defender. The rest of his offensive game is hit-or-miss.

30. Ricky LedoSGProvidence
Yes, Ledo is raw, has character concerns and has not shown much of the defensive end. But, he has a pretty high ceiling and is pretty talented on the offensive end.

31. Erick GreenGVirginia Tech
Green is coming off an excellent season in which he was one of the national leaders in scoring and was ACC Player of the Year, and perhaps most importantly, he took care of the rock. He's an excellent shooter and has great scoring skills, which overcome his lack of strength.

32. Lucas Nogueira, PF/C, Brazil
Physically speaking, "Bebe" is a speciman. He moves extremely well for a seven-footer, and he has great length for a big fella at 7'5". His on-court game needs a lot of polish and work, particularly on offense, but he could be a steal for a veteran club late in the first or early in the second if they are patient.

33. Pierre Jackson, PG, Baylor
Jackson is diminutive and that limits him defensively as he is generously listed at 5'10". But his offensive game, which he showed off in New Jersey at the Nets Combine, is very intriguing with very good perimeter shooting, a good pick-and-roll game and plus athleticism.

34. C.J. Leslie, F, N.C. State
Similarly to his team this season, Leslie is loaded with physical talent but was a disappointment in 2012-2013. He is very athletic and thus has upside but both his jumper and his finishing skills need some work. He has flashed tools on defense but does struggle when covering fours.

35. Mike Muscala, PF, Bucknell
Similarly to McCollum, this guy is another guy I have seen many a time in person. Muscala benefited greatly from playing four years in Lewisburg as he has developed a very well-rounded offensive game inside and outside. He is not that athletic but has sound fundamentals on the defensive end.

36. Nate Wolters, PG, South Dakota State
There were few plays in college hoops as productive on the offensive end as was Wolters this past season as he can just about do it all, although his jump shot from the perimeter could be a little stronger. He will be limited as a pro on the defensive end because while he tries hard and plays smart, he's not that athletic.

37. Isaiah Canaan, PG, Murray State
We know that Canaan is undersized, standing a shade shy of six-feet, and we also know that his defense leaves something to be desired. What we also know is that he is a true offensive weapon with an excellent jump shot from the perimeter.

31. Archie GoodwinSGKentucky
Goodwin came to Lexington as one of the top prospects in the country but after one very topsy-turvy year, he finds himself one of the bigger mysteries in this draft. He has an excellent physical profile and has high upside on both sides of the court. But he still is pretty young, isn't fundamentally sound yet and needs work on his jumper.

39. Trevor Mbakwe, PF, Minnesota
There will always be room for guys like Mbakwe, an undersized big with plus athleticism and a bulldog mentality down in the paint. Yes he is 24 but he is a guy that will find minutes at the next level.

40. Jackie Carmichael, PF, Illinois State
Carmichael has been an under-the-radar prospect and certainly playing in Normal did not help on that end. He is a good finisher on the offensive end, rebounds very well and can block some shots.

41. Livio Jean-Charles, F, France
Jean-Charles greatly improved his profile with an excellent showing at the Nike Hoop Summit and he has shown some versatility on both ends of the floor. He does need seasoning but could be a steal midway through the second for a veteran club.

42. Lorenzo Brown, G, N.C. State
Brown is a big point guard at 6'5" and overall has an impressive physical profile. His offensive game, however, is rather sloppy and he has to show more effort on the defensive end. We know he is talented, but he will also be 23 by the start of the season.

43. Ray McCallum, Jr., PG, Detroit
While he is not an overly impressive athlete on paper, not a tremendous playmaker or an outstanding shooter, but thanks to being the son of a coach, he has a refined game with a very strong basketball IQ.

44. Colton Iverson, PF/C, Colorado State
At the end of the month, Overson will be 24. He also is not extraordinarily athletic. However, he does have value as a solid reserve five and thanks to his size, he is a great rebounder and has some offensive game.

45. DeShaun Thomas, SF, Ohio State
Nobody is quite sure what position Thomas will be defending at the next level, let alone if he can defend any position, but he is a fine scorer that can shoot.

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