13 May 2013

A Super Bowl on an aircraft carrier?

Sports on aircraft carriers seem to be the thing that all the cool kids are doing these days, but it has been pretty much exclusive to college basketball. But not only could we see football on an aircraft carrier, but potentially a Super Bowl? One city is proposing it and it is not as crazy as you would think.

According to NBC Miami, the South Florida Super Bowl Bid Committee announced the details for its bids for Super Bowls L and LI, which the NFL will announced next week. They are bidding against the San Francisco Bay Area for L and Houston for LI if they are not awarded the prior year's game. Now South Florida is at a disadvantage for either due to the need for renovations to Sun Life Stadium, which will not be coming due to both the team and the Florida House failing to find support for funding in light of ongoing outrage over the funding of Marlins Park.

So the committee has decided to get creative and put into its bid a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier being docked near downtown Miami where the game would be played on its deck, which would obviously be a first for an NFL game.

It is pretty easy to dismiss this idea as one of desperation. After all, the Bay Area's bid is centered around the brand news stadium being constructed for the 49ers in Santa Clara and Houston was a pretty successful host back in 2004. But this is certainly not a joke bid, however. Miami has been a host city for ten Super Bowls and it is a very desirable city for the league considering the city's status as a vacation hotspot. Now while it would be tough for an event the size of a Super Bowl to be pulled off on an aircraft carrier, and it is not certain how much people could be put into a makeshift football stadium, you do wonder how interested the league would be to break ground and pull off something like this while at the same time reinforcing its relationship with the military. And let's be honest, I think there is a legitimate argument that the league may rather have the game played on a carrier in downtown Miami rather than out in the boonies at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, which is not exactly a wonderful place I am told. And the bottom line, as Mike Florio pointed out, is how much money the committee can throw at the league, which is really what matters to the owners and those in the selection process.

I must admit, I was so ready to ravage this idea but the more I thought about it, the more I think it would be an interesting spectacle. I think that San Francisco will be announced as host for Super Bowl L but I also think that the Miami area could have a shot for LI.

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