02 April 2013

Should Rutgers fire Mike Rice? UPDATE

Rutgers coach Mike Rice was suspended for three games and fined $50,000 by the school back in December for what the school labeled "a violation of athletic department conduct policies." We later found out that it was due to Rice using abusive language towards his players as well as an incident in which the coach threw basketballs at players' heads, as per the Star-Ledger. Today, ESPN and Outside the Lines released the damning video and after watching it, it has become clear that Rice has to get fired, and athletic director Tim Pernetti should as well.

First, let's go to the videotape.

Update: Rice has been fired after all.

So you are telling me after watching that tape, this guy was not fired on the spot? How in the world does anybody pull abusive actions like that, some of which is incredibly demeaning, offensive and dangerous, and not get the ax? That is ridiculous. I mean, the guy shoved, kicked and threw basketballs at players like this was dodgeball class. Absolutely disgraceful.

Why in the world did Pernetti not fire him on the spot, even after saying that he has seen the tape and that "None of that behavior is acceptable under any circumstances at Rutgers." Pernetti clams that the university was not notified of the behavior until November, which is contradicted by Eric Murdock, a former Rutgers player and director of player development, saying that he notified the university about the action going back to last summer, and that they conducted their own "independent investigation" into the matter, but still, why no firing. It is not as if Rice has taken the program to new heights, he is 44-51 in his three years in Piscataway.

It is incomprehensible that Rice was not fired on the spot once the tapes of his abusive practices were shown to the university and it has become clear to me that he has to go and that Pernetti should as well for not protecting the players and neglecting to take serious action against the coach.

In the meantime, somebody got their hands on Rice's page on Wikipedia and has updated it as such (click on it for a better look):

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