27 March 2013

Who will replace the retiring Tim McCarver?

This will certainly come as a welcome development by many as this will be last season for Tim McCarver on the MLB on FOX coverage as he announced his retirement earlier today. Now while folks like myself think that McCarver has become a clown in recent years, many people do not know that McCarver used to be awesome in the booth, like John Madden in his prime. And nobody can deny the impressive career he has had when you look at the resume. And he is great in AutoTune.

But now, who will be the next lead analyst to work alongside Joe Buck for the World Series, the All-Star Game and Yankees games? Here are my thoughts.

Looking at the MLB crew in-house, there really is not a whole lot there because much of their week-by-week crews are filled by MLB Network and local analysts. There is however one analyst that FOX has used as their secondary analyst since 2007 and that is Eric Karros. But does anybody really think that Karros should be a lead analyst? Personally, I'm not a fan at all of Karros and I think his analysis is pretty second-rate.

So where else? This next analyst started doing FOX games again last year on a on-and-off basis but he was one of their top analysts for many years before leaving to become the manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2001, including being part of the broadcast crew for the first three World Series on FOX. And now, as he is joining the broadcast of the Arizona Diamondbacks, who air their games on FOX Sports Arizona, and thus is under the FOX umbrella. You know who I am talking about, the great Bob Brenly and I think he would be an excellent choice to be the next lead color commentator for FOX Saturday Baseball.

I do think there is another top candidate, but it is somebody that does not work for FOX. That man is John Smoltz, who has developed into one of the better analysts in the game during his time with TBS and MLB Network, but wouldn't you think he would jump at the chance to join FOX, right?

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