04 March 2013

Is Keith Olbermann headed back to ESPN?

This has to be one of the more surprising items I have seen in a while. And I'll just throw it out there, Keith Olbermann is apparently angling for a triumphant return back to ESPN. James Miller, who wrote the tremendous ESPN book Those Guys Have All The Fun, broke the news in the New York Times that Olbermann and his folks have approached ESPN and he even had dinner with the president of the network. John Skipper. Skipper himself even said that Olbermann was "clearly looking to see if there was an entry point" to return. I'll pause to let you pull your jaw off the floor.

Now Skipper did say that "there was no real appropriate place for Keith to come back" and that he personally was not prepared to bring him back, he also did not rule it out at all. For those that know of Olbermann's history in that he has historically squabbled with management seemingly everywhere he has worked, as he is in the midst of a lawsuit with his former employer Current TV, and especially so that know of Olbermann's history with ESPN, particularly as one famously said that he "napalmed" the bridges to Bristol, this is very surprising.

People had a feeling that Olbermann was going to get back into sports after the Current fiasco. We all know he is a big sports fan, particularly a huge baseball fan, and he made a slight cameo hosting on MLB Network in late November. But I am going to admit, I thought if he was going anywhere, it would be to MLB Network, which is ironically housed in the former MSNBC building in Secaucus (great town). If anybody thought that he was pulling for an ESPN return, I would have a very hard time believing them.

But if you are Skipper, while an Olbermann return would generate a lot of press and a lot of headlines, would the inevitable headaches be worth it? And where would Olbermann fit in? The network has made some changes to SportsCenter barely a week ago and their baseball coverage seems to be pretty full at the moment. Maybe do some radio work? After all, he was the first voice ever heard on ESPN Radio. I mean, I still would be really surprised if Olbermann made a return but I guess anything is possible, right?

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