04 March 2013

Vote for the KCOU Big Three One-Hit Wonders Bracket

Enlarge for more greatness
So the heroes at KCOU's The Big Three were looking for a non-basketball tournament for this month and me, being a loyal listener, suggested a tournament of one-hit wonders. It was uproariously approved. Jeff Parles and I worked on this bracket and voila, the final product is what you see above. I am sponsoring this tournament so I urge you to print out this tournament, send your bracket to and vote for the winners at @BigThreeKCOU (schedule is after the jump) and the winner will win a free KCOU t-shirt with everybody's signature, including mine somehow. Again, send your brackets to their twitter handle with submissions due at 5 on Wednesday evening. If this is not the greatest thing ever, I don't know what is.

Voting Schedule - 1st Round
Wednesday, 3/6 - Foster Region
Thursday, 3/7 - Florance Region
Friday, 3/8 - Greever Region
Saturday/Sunday, 3/8-3/9 - Parles Region

Rest of the schedule is TBA

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