11 March 2013

Breaking down the Percy Harvin trade to the Seahawks

The first of high-profile wideout trades in the NFC West, the Minnesota Vikings sent the explosive Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for a first and seventh in this year's draft as well as a mid-rounder in next year's. How does this move shake down for both clubs?

I actually like this move for both sides, even as there are caveats for each. It is easy to see why Seattle made this move, as they needed to bring in some weapons for sophomore quarterback Russell Wilson, and there are not many out there as electric as Harvin, who is a threat to score whenever he has the ball in his hands. The Seahawks did not have anybody on their roster that has that capability. While they did have to give up a relatively steep price, considering Harvin is only 24 years old, he still is years away from his prime.

Of course, there is a reason why the Vikings would be so willing to trade a talent like Harvin. Considering his small frame (5'11", 185 pounds), he has had troubles staying healthy; he has only played one season of 16 games. Also, he can get to be a distraction, as proven by how vocal he was regarding his contract. That is why Minnesota decided to deal him, even with their mediocre at best receiving corps, but I think that Pete Carroll can coach anybody. Plus, Harvin is reunited with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and wideout Sidney Rice and he is said to be close with both, which is nice.

Speaking of the Vikings, it was clear that they were looking to move on from Harvin, no matter how talented he is. He wanted big money, they were not willing to give it to him and they dealt him elsewhere. What I really like for them was that they got a pretty good haul and with that extra first round pick, they should look to find a replacement from a solid wideout class come April.

But they do desperately need reinforcements at receiver, even before they dealt Harvin as he was the only threat whatsoever at the position. With Christian Ponder looking very inconsistent and still in development, he needs all the help he can get and Adrian Peterson can't do everything.

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