12 March 2013

2013 Pac-12 Tournament Predictions

For the first time ever, the Pac-12 Tournament will be held in Las Vegas, one of many conference tourneys that are being held in Sin City this March. Their games will be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on the Strip in Paradise and who knows, maybe people will actually go to these games for once? Especially considering the conference was actually pretty solid this year for the first time in years. Anyways, here are my tournament predictions.
1st Round - March 13
#8 Stanford vs. #9 Arizona State (Pac-12 Network, 3:00)
Pick: Stanford

#5 Colorado vs. #12 Oregon State (Pac-12 Network, 5:30)
Pick: Colorado

#7 USC vs. #10 Utah (Pac-12 Network, 9:00)
Pick: USC

#6 Washington vs. #11 Washington State (Pac-12 Network, 11:30)
Pick: Washington

Quarterfinals - March 14
#1 UCLA vs. #8 Stanford (Pac-12 Network, 3:00)
Pick: UCLA

#4 Arizona vs. #5 Colorado (Pac-12 Network, 5:30)
Pick: Arizona

#2 Cal vs. #7 USC (Pac-12 Network, 9:00)
Pick: Cal

#3 Oregon vs. #6 Washington (ESPNU, 11:30)
Pick: Washington

Semifinals - March 15
#1 UCLA vs. #4 Arizona (Pac-12 Network, 9:00)
UCLA has the most talented team in the conference, but perhaps the most inconsistent (they come in winning  five of six, with the loss at Washington State, the worst team in the conference). The Wildcats will exploit that inconsistency to finally beat the Bruins.
Pick: Arizona

#2 Cal vs. #6 Washington (ESPN, 11:00)
UDub is a club that is better than their record indicates, and the Golden Bears should know, having fallen to them at home by 15.
Pick: Washington

Final - March 16
#4 Arizona vs. #6 Washington (ESPN, 11:00)
You know, I think some folks are underestimating Arizona in this tournament, even as it is almost like a home game. I am a huge Sean Miller fan and I really like their balanced offense. Look for them to win it all this week in Vegas.
Pick: Arizona

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