08 March 2013

2013 CAA Tournament Predictions

For what is usually a quality mid-major conference, the Colonial Athletic Association was a disappointment during the 2012-2013 season. They fell from being 15th in the conference RPI to 24th and they will be a one-bid league with a low seeding. Plus, only seven teams will be in the conference tournament due to Old Dominion and Georgia State leaving the league and Towson and UNC-Wilmington having too low APR scores. All of that said, it really could be a wide open tourney this weekend in Richmond. Here are my 2013 CAA Tournament predictions.

1st Round - March 9
#4 Georgia Mason vs. #5 Drexel (Comcast Sportsnet, 3:30)
Pick: Drexel

#2 Delaware vs. #7 Hofstra (Comcast Sportsnet, 6:00)
Pick: Delaware 

#3 James Madison vs. #6 William & Mary (Comcast Sportsnet, 8:30)
Pick: James Madison

Semifinals - March 10
#1 Northeastern vs. #5 Drexel (NBC Sports Network, 2:00)
Pick: Drexel

#2 Delaware vs. #3 James Madison (NBC Sports Network, 4:30)
Pick: James Madison

Final - March 11
#3 James Madison vs. #5 Drexel (NBC Sports Network, 7:00)
Both of these clubs have good defenses so this should be a low scoring affair. However, the Dragons have a couple of quality scorers in Damion Lee and Frantz Massenat (yes, that guy). And if this team only had Chris Fouch healthy...
Pick: Drexel

1 comment:

  1. George Mason 61, Drexel 59
    Delaware 58, Hofstra 57
    William and Mary 54, James Madison 50

    George Mason 67, Northeastern 65
    Delaware 61, William and Mary 58

    Delaware 64, George Mason 62

    Every game is won in the final ten seconds or OT.

    Can't wait til tomorrow. Going to be a blast.