10 March 2013

2013 Big East Tournament Predictions

Now this is the end of an era. This will be the last Big East Tournament in its current incarnation before the conference splits into the new Big East, what was nicknamed the "Catholic 7," and the leftovers which may be called the America 12. So enjoy this week, folks, because you will not see this again. With all of that in mind, here are my predictions for the 2013 Big East Tournament.

1st Round - March 12
#12 Seton Hall vs. #13 USF (ESPNU, 7:00)
Pick: Seton Hall

#11 Rutgers vs. #14 DePaul (ESPNU, 9:00)
Pick: DePaul

2nd Round - March 13
#8 Providence vs. #9 Cincinnati (ESPN, 12:00)
Pick: Providence

#5 Syracuse vs. #12 Seton Hall (ESPN, 2:00)
Pick: Syracuse

#7 Villanova vs. #10 St. John's (ESPN2, 7:00)
Pick: Villanova

#6 Notre Dame vs. #14 DePaul (ESPN2, 9:00)
Pick: Notre Dame

Quarterfinals - March 14
#1 Georgetown vs. #8 Providence (ESPN, 12:00)
This Friars club is sneaky but they do not have the horses for a rolling Georgetown squad.
Pick: Georgetown

#4 Pittsburgh vs. #5 Syracuse (ESPN, 2:00)
I am really not on this Syracuse team at all and I have not been high on them at all this year as it doesn't help that they can't score. Chalk one up for the Panthers.
Pick: Pittsburgh

#2 Louisville vs. #7 Villanova (ESPN, 7:00)
Louisville is not perfect but they really seem to have found their groove, although they do need to get Peyton Siva cranked up. That said, I like Villanova to pull an upset here, they have been giant killers all year.
Pick: Villanova

#3 Marquette vs. #6 Notre Dame (ESPN, 9:00)
They may not have any big name guys but the Golden Eagles can ball.
Pick: Marquette

Semifinals - March 15
#1 Georgetown vs. #4 Pittsburgh (ESPN, 7:00)
I do know that the Hoyas are absolutely rolling right now. But do not forget that Pitt did beat Georgetown in the District by 28. We won't see a margin of victory like that, but an upset victory we will see.
Pick: Pittsburgh

#3 Marquette vs. #7 Villanova (ESPN, 9:00)
Nothing like a matchup of a pair of overachieving clubs. I think the Wildcats' run will end just shy of having another 4-7 final matchup.
Pick: Marquette

Final - March 16
#3 Marquette vs. #4 Pittsburgh (ESPN, 7:00)
You know, it does always seem like Pittsburgh underachieves at MSG and it has been years since they made a run and won that title. That changes this year.
Pick: Pittsburgh

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