12 March 2013

2013 Big 12 Tournament Predictions

The Big 12 Tournament has been historically been dominated by high seeds, as a three seed or lower has not won the tournament since 2009 and only four times overall in the history of the tournament (started in 1997). Could we see an upset champ or will the powers hold serve once again? Here are my predictions.

1st Round - March 13
#8 West Virginia vs. #9 Texas Tech (Big 12 Network, 7:00)
Pick: West Virginia

#7 Texas vs. #10 TCU (Big 12 Network, 9:30)
Pick: Texas

Quarterfinals - March 14
#4 Oklahoma vs. #5 Iowa State (ESPN2, 12:30)
Not liking that the Sooners are coming in losing two of four, with those two coming to Texas and TCU.
Pick: Iowa State

#1 Kansas vs. #8 West Virginia (ESPN2, 3:00)
Pick: Kansas

#2 Kansas State vs. #7 Texas (Big 12 Network, 7:00)
Pick: Kansas State

#3 Oklahoma State vs. #6 Baylor (Big Network, 9:30)
Baylor looked awesome against Kansas and they played the Cowboys really well this year. Plus, we all know that Scott Drew is a great...I'm sorry, I can't finish that thought.
Pick: Baylor

Semifinals - March 15
#1 Kansas vs. #5 Iowa State (ESPNU/Big 12 Network, 7:00)
This should be a high-scoring showdown like the two in the regular season were. Hopefully no referee shenanigans.
Pick: Kansas

#2 Kansas State vs. #6 Baylor (ESPNU/Big 12 Network, 9:30)
Baylor needs this if they want to go dancing, but dancing they will not be this month.
Pick: Kansas State

Final - March 16
#1 Kansas vs. #2 Kansas State (ESPN, 6:00)
I have been very impressed with Bruce Weber and the Wildcats this year. However, I still think Kansas has a chip on their shoulder, and they will be out to prove they are not the team that got trounced by Baylor.
Pick: Kansas

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