20 February 2013

Why it is a great thing that ESPN is going to part with Bob Knight

Our good friend Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead has reported that Bob Knight's contract is up at the end of this season with ESPN and that he is as good as gone. Sources said that ESPN is burying him on terrible games and he was taken off College Gameday this season. And I am going to be honest, this is a great development.

Bobby Knight is one of the greatest coaches in the game but let's just be frank, he is a pretty terrible analyst. That is something I have made clear before and one I will continue to make until he is off the air. There are few things that I dislike more in the sports broadcasting field is when big names get coddled because they are big names and Knight is a clear-cut example. ESPN made such a big deal when he was hired but he has consistently failed to bring anything to the table, save for swearing on the air, falling asleep on air and forgetting what the shot clock is.

His ridiculous feud regarding Kentucky and John Calipari was pretty unprofessional but not only did he really not get penalized for it, the network moved him onto SEC games where he would call a couple Kentucky road games, but no home games. How that makes sense, I have no idea but it shows the lengths they went to coddle somebody they viewed as valuable but really wasn't.

Fortunately, ESPN is making the right move to dump Knight. He didn't bring anything to the table and was a second-rate game analyst. And fans of college basketball can rejoice as a result.

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