17 February 2013

Watch the best dunks from the 2013 NBA Dunk Contest

It certainly is not going to rival 1988 in the annals of the all-time great Dunk Contests, particularly with all those misses and mishaps and Nick Cannon, but there certainly was some impressive dunks Saturday night in Houston as Terrence Ross outdueled reigning champ Jeremy Evans for the title. Here is what stood out as the best dunks of the evening.

The best part of this dunk has to be the commentary, particularly the breakdown of flight attendants and Charles Barkley saying it like it is. Foot was over the foul line, but hey, so was Michael's if you think about it.

Got a perfect score and I would say that was well-deserved, wouldn't you?

Now if he had jumped over a standing up Mark Eaton, he clearly would have had Flubber in his shoes. It did take a few tries, but it's still damn impressive.

Brick City indeed. The athleticism to pull that off, my heavens.

Oh the patience needed to execute this bad boy. Excellent stuff, deserving of a perfect score.

Hey, did you know he paints? And that could've been disaster if his legs weren't wide enough so major kudos to that.

Now how awesome would it be if he dunked the kid? And yes, I know I'm the 1,453rd person to make that joke. But I could also be the 392nd person to make the joke that it would've been awesome if he dunked Nick Cannon. Plus, major style points for the Vince Carter jersey action.

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