06 February 2013

Regis Philbin to host a sports show for FOX Sports? UPDATED

I guarantee when you woke up this morning that you did not expect this story, that is, unless you are the great John Ourand of Sports Business Daily. Ourand reported that the legendary Regis Philbin is in talks with FOX Sports to host a show on the new FOX Sports 1 that would look like a sports version of The View. Philbin would serve in the role of Barbara Walters in that he would host pretty much whenever the hell he wants. As we all know, Philbin left Live with Regis and Kelly in November of 2011 and has bided his time since occasionally appearing on Rachael Ray.

If you're still with me, with FOX Sports looking to build programming for their new sports channel, which is expected to debut in August in place of SPEED, what should we make of this idea?

To start off, it is an intriguing idea, at least in my opinion, mostly due to the presence of Philbin. If you mention the name "Regis," people immediately know who you are referring to. He really has not been on television much since he left Live a year and change ago and he is a big sports fan, ardently supporting the New York Yankees and his alma mater Notre Dame.

That said, I am not certain about this potential show's success. We will obviously know more when they fill in the ranks around Philbin, just like Walters built The View, but there are already so many sports debate shows, particularly at the "Worldwide Leader" and other kinds of shows that use the ensemble format and I am not seeing a niche for this show. And quite frankly, this sounds to be a lot like the old FOX Sports show, The Best Damn Sports Show Period, which had some moderate success during its eight-year run on FSN but hardly lit the world on fire.

However, I do like that FOX is looking to bring in big names like Philbin to help build their new sports network around and trying to mix it up. We shall see if this show goes anywhere.

UPDATE: Looks like this may be a real thing:
UPDATE: The show will be called Rush Hour.

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