20 February 2013

Check out Jose Canseco pontificating about gravity and hating on Bill Nye

Yes, I was as shocked as you were when I saw this on the fantastic site that is Mediaite. As we all know, Jose Canseco is insane. So we he decided to shoot out his theories regarding gravity, we knew we were in the process of witnessing a train wreck. Then Bill Nye the Science Guy decided to get in the mix and everything was gravy. Let's break it down.

Here is what the great Canseco tweeted over the past couple of days. Why he decided to tweet this, we shall never know.

And this is where Bill Nye gets into the story. Apparently surprised at what Canseco was spewing out on Twitter, the famous science guy sent an email to the Huffington Post saying, among other things:
Reading his recent tweets about the remarkable size of the ancient dinosaurs...it doesn't sound as though he's particularly fluent in physics. 
Canseco, never somebody to take an insult and sit on his hands, promptly responded.
And then a hour later, he tweeted this.
Well then.

H/T Mediaite

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