27 February 2013

Breaking down the Alex Smith trade to Kansas City

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We have seen the end of the Alex Smith trade saga now as it was announced today that the 49ers will be sending Smith to Kansas City and will receive a second-round pick in this year's draft as well as a pick in next year's. How does this deal, which will go into effect on March 12 when the trading period, break down for both clubs?

This is a fantastic deal for the 49ers in that they got a pretty good haul for somebody that was considered to be a scrub only a few years ago and was displaced as their starter by friend of the blog Colin Kaepernick. They will get the second pick in the second round of this year's draft, which is almost a wrap-around pick as they have the 31st selection in the first, and that now leaves San Francisco with 15 picks in this draft. Now you could very well see the team making a big move up in the draft or to acquire a veteran with one of their high picks.

Excluding the price they paid for a minute, I don't think this is an awful move for the Chiefs. I think that Alex Smith is a good fit for Andy Reid's West Coast offense due to his mobility and accuracy and that is a similar offense to what he ran in 2006 under Norv Turner, the only pre-Harbaugh year in which he looked decent. Smith is still only 28 and Reid is a pretty good quarterback coach, so in that regard, I don't mind it. And who knows, maybe Smith will prove to be more than a Harbaugh guy?

What I really don't like about this trade is the cost that Kansas City had to pay for Smith. I did not mind what had been reported of a mid-round pick like a third but a high second as well as a pick next year? That smells like an overpay to me, particularly considering we do not know who else was in the running, and considering they could have spent less to sign Matt Moore, who is just as good as Smith is. And the key thing to me is that now that they sent the second rounder, they could pull them out of the running to get one of the top quarterbacks in this draft and that they would have to wait until round three. Most importantly, was Smith just a product of the system and Harbaugh?

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