28 January 2013

Yes, there was a fan brawl at the Pro Bowl

Normally, I try to avoid writing about the Pro Bowl because it's crap but there are sometimes when it is neccessitated by some good action. And by good action, that means a brawl. Now, brawls are great if you are not in them and nobody gets severely hurt. As long as it is just some drunk guys who take themselves too seriously, what's wrong with that? The fact that this one got a little wild and happened right by the sidelines, with some shmoes going over the top, makes this some good video. Let's go to the videotape.

First off, why would you ever spend the money to go to a game like this only to get so drunk and end up in a brawl? Second, this is where you would insert the comment about this being more intense than the actual game.

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