30 January 2013

How good is Joe Flacco?

How can you not love this?
Joe Flacco is universally considered to not be an elite NFL quarterback. His career quarterback rating is 86.3, nothing to sneeze at nor something to lose your lunch over. His career average of passing yards per game is 220.4, not that impressive in this day and age. He has a career completion percentage of 60.5 and has thrown around 20 touchdowns a year. And yet, he has helped to lead the Baltimore Ravens to New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII. So how good is he?
Of course, we know how good Flacco thinks he is, famously telling WNST in Baltimore in April that he does not think that he is top five, he thinks he's "the best." Now everybody thought he was crazy when he said that, even though you can't blame a quarterback for having confidence in himself, no matter how ludicrous. 

And while Flacco's numbers are not the best, nor is his game the prettiest, he does enough to get the job done and to win games, which is every quarterback's goal. He leads the league in wins since he came into the league with 62, including the playoffs. And speaking of the playoffs, he has been extremely successful during his career, winning more postseason games on the road than anybody else with six and he has led his team to the AFC Championship thrice. 

Plus, Flacco throws one of the better deep balls in the league, which is something we have seen many times this postseason, particularly in that wild double-overtime victory against the Broncos in the Divisional round which he got to overtime with this throw (which probably should have been picked off, but hey, did it?). And he has been clicking ever since Jim Caldwell was promoted to offensive coordinator and playcaller late in the season after the dismissal of Cam Cameron. 

We will really find out how good Flacco is this Sunday against an excellent 49ers defense in the biggest game of his career. And he certainly has some motivation as his contract expires at the end of the season and while the team says he will be back next year, will he get the big contract that everybody knows his camp desires? And what will happen if Baltimore wins?

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