04 January 2013

Did Oregon really score on a one-point safety in the Fiesta Bowl?

The 2013 Fiesta Bowl was expected to be one of the best games of the bowl season but it turned out to be a nondescript big Oregon win over Kansas State. However, it also had perhaps the most bizarre play in years, the rarest play in college football: the one-point safety. Yes, folks, this does exist, because it happened tonight.

After the break, an explanation.

The one-point safety occurs when a player recovers a missed conversion and is tackled in the end zone. The only two times it occurred happened when a kick was blocked and the team on defense recovered the ball and was tackled in its own end zone. It is possible that the one point is awarded to the defensive team on a PAT if the kicking team recovers a missed try in their own end zone but as you can imagine, that is extremely unlikely.

The only other team a one-point safety has occurred was when Texas and Texas A&M met back in 2004. Oddly enough, that game was also called by Brad Nessler, who was on the call for tonight's game in Glendale. Let's go to that videotape.

The more you know.

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