09 January 2013

2013 NFL Playoffs: Divisional Picks

The 2013 NFL Playoffs continue to roll on towards New Orleans as we have whittled down the field from twelve teams to eight as we enter the second weekend. This weekend will be fascinating because this is our first glance at the four clubs who had byes to the divisional round. Who will win and advance to the conference championships?

Wild Card: 3-1

Saturday, January 12
Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos - CBS, 4:30
We know the Ravens as a very good playoff team traditionally and more so under John Harbaugh as they have won a game in the playoffs during every year of his tenure. That said, I really think this team will have a tough go against a Broncos club that is rolling. Of course, we have not seen what this Denver team with Peyton Manning can do in the postseason since this is their first appearance with him but I still do not see this particular Ravens team with all the issue and turmoil on offense and all the age on defense can go deep in the postseason.
Broncos 34 Ravens 17

Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers - FOX, 8:00
I really think this will be the best game on the weekend and honestly, it may not be that close. You get the matchup of an elite quarterback with a strong offense against an elite defense that is very hard to move the ball on. I would not put a stock on the team's opening week showdown at Lambeau considering it happened four months ago and more importantly, the 49ers have a different quarterback and one that actually strikes fear in opposing defenses. However, the 49ers have the advantage in this game because of how well they apply pressure on opposing quarterbacks, particularly Aldon Smith, who is an absolute freak, and we all know how much the Packers struggle to protect Aaron Rodgers.
49ers 28 Packers 24

Sunday, January 13
Seattle Seahawks vs. Atlanta Falcons FOX, 1:00
The Falcons have not won a playoff game since 2004. That was so long ago, it was Jim Mora's first year as Falcons coach and Michael Vick was still in good graces. I understand the team won a bunch of games this year and deserved to get the top seed but I have had a hard team believing they were really the best team in the NFC this year. I do think it will be a game because the Seahawks are not a great road team and had Robert Griffin been healthy, they may not have won this past week. But they do have an exceptional defense that will force Matt Ryan to take chances to beat them and he will make some bad throws.
Seahawks 33 Falcons 21

Houston Texans vs. New England Patriots CBS, 4:30
I see that Arian Foster and the Texans are getting amply bulletin-board material from a column by that hack Dan Shaughnessy. And you know what? Why not, Shaughnessy is a garbage columnist and has been one for years now and you should try to get motivation from anywhere you can get it. And I do think that the Texans will come out much better than the last time these guys played and be competitive. But I do not think that they will be anything more than competitive because the Patriots are rolling and I do not think Houston has the firepower to take them on head to head.
Patriots 31 Texans 21

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