04 January 2013

Did Oregon really score on a one-point safety in the Fiesta Bowl?

The 2013 Fiesta Bowl was expected to be one of the best games of the bowl season but it turned out to be a nondescript big Oregon win over Kansas State. However, it also had perhaps the most bizarre play in years, the rarest play in college football: the one-point safety. Yes, folks, this does exist, because it happened tonight.

After the break, an explanation.

03 January 2013

Should the Rooney Rule be abolished?

Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier
With another season in the rearview mirror and coaching changes abound, we return to the discussion of the Rooney Rule. In case you were not familiar, the Rooney Rule was established in 2003 at the behest of Steelers owner Dan Rooney among others that stated that every team with a head coaching vacancy must interview a minority for the position. At the time, it was considered a huge step forward for a sport that is overwhelming black but had few minority coaches.

But nearly a decade later, does the rule still hold firm in today's National Football League or should it be amended or abolished?

02 January 2013

2013 NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Picks

And just like that, here we are at the 2013 NFL Playoffs. The first of four games in the Wild Card round kicks off on Saturday afternoon, and the winners from each conference will advance to take on the clubs that got byes as a result of their work in the regular season. So whose Super Bowl dream will remain intact after this weekend? Here are my Wild Card predictions.

01 January 2013

Watch Jadeveon Clowney ROCK Vincent Smith to force a fumble in the Outback Bowl

The 2013 Outback Bowl was a heck of a ballgame throughout between South Carolina and Michigan but a key turning point happened midway through the fourth quarter with the Wolverines up by one when standout Jadeveon Clowney made one of the defensive plays of the year when he absolutely mauled Michigan back Vincent Smith to force a fumble that led to a key Gamecocks touchdown. The play led to Clowney receiving game MVP honors as Carolina held on for the win. Let's go to the videotape.

31 December 2012

After being fired by the Eagles, where will Andy Reid be coaching next?

While there are a surprise or two every time we get to the NFL's "Black Monday" where we see a coach that gets fired that takes some folks by surprise, the majority of firings are widely expected. That's the case we have with Andy Reid, who has been fired by the Eagles after serving as their head coach for fourteen years. We all have expected Reid to get the ax for several weeks now as the Eagles completely fell apart as it was apparent that the Eagles needed a change at the top to go forward.

That said, Reid is only 54 years old and did have a very successful tenure in Philadelphia, becoming the most successful coach in team history, so like Jeff Fisher, he will have another job if he wants it, perhaps as soon as next season. So what is next?

Did Lovie Smith deserve to be fired by the Bears?

One of the biggest developments of the so-called "Black Monday" has been the firing of Lovie Smith by the Chicago Bears, in a move that did take some folks by surprise. Smith coached the Bears to one Super Bowl appearance, a loss to the Indianapolis Colts in 2007, two NFC Championship Game appearances and three playoff berths in nine seasons in the Windy City. Smith leaves town with an 81-63 record, easily the best with the club since Mike Ditka was fired after the 1992 campaign.

Considering his relatively successful tenure with the Bears, did Smith ultimately deserve to get the axe?