10 November 2012

What does Alabama's loss to Texas A&M mean?

And just like that, number one had fallen. Today, Johnny Manziel and the Texas A&M Aggies went into Tuscaloosa, built a big 20 point lead in the first quarter and were able to hang on to a major upset by defeating the Alabama Crimson Tide, 29-24. With the top overall team going down, what does that mean for the last several weeks of the 2012 college football season?

09 November 2012

Why the Lakers firing Mike Brown is a mistake and who will replace him?

With the exception of the breaking news out of Langley, the big story today is that the Los Angeles Lakers have pulled the plug on head coach Mike Brown after only 71 games with Showtime. The heat was on Brown as the much-ballyhooed team, after acquiring Steve Nash and Dwight Howard over the summer, stumbled to a 1-4 start this season. A lot of folks have been calling for Brown's head, but I am not one of them, as I believe that Brown should not have been fired. But who will replace him long-term?

Mike Florio should shut up about Charles Tillman

Now, I generally like Mike Florio's work. ProFootballTalk is a pretty solid website and Florio has carved out a career and a job at NBC Sports out of that site. But his absurd reasoning about why he thinks Bears cornerback Charles Tillman should still play this Sunday, even if it means missing his wife give birth.

08 November 2012

Why Kentucky should hire Bobby Petrino

We got some news in the world of the SEC today in that Bobby Petrino would take the job at Kentucky if he were to be offered it, according to his old man. And you know what, it is a perfect fit and should happen.

06 November 2012

2012 NFL on FOX Announcers & Distribution: Week 10

FOX has the doubleheader this week and what would you know, the primary games in both windows feature NFC East teams. In the early window, most of the country will see Giants-Bengals with others seeing either Falcons-Saints or Lions-Vikings. In the late window, most of America will see Cowboys-Eagles while others will see Rams-49ers. Announcing assignments and distribution splits are after the jump.

2012 NFL on CBS Announcers & Distribution: Week 10

When in doubt, the top CBS crew will do a Peyton Manning game. No matter how unappetizing a Broncos-Panthers game is this week, most of the country will get that game in this CBS singleheader Sunday. Other games folks may see are Raiders-Ravens, Bills-Patriots, Chargers-Buccaneers, Titans-Dolphins or Jets-Seahawks, which is the lone game at 4:05. Continue reading for announcing assignments and distribution splits.

2012 NFL Midseason Awards

We are at the halfway point of the 2012 NFL campaign, so let's hand out some midseason hardware.

2012 NFL Week 10 Picks

The game of the week will be in Soldier Field. Both clubs come in with identical 7-1 records and two of the elite defenses in the National Football League. And in fact, it is a matchup of what I predicted to be a Super Bowl matchup. On one side, the Houston Texans. On the other, Brian Urlacher, Julius Peppers and the Chicago Bears. Who will win this week in the NFL?

Which NFL coaches could be coaching for their jobs the rest of the season?

We are at the midway point in the 2012 NFL season and now we know what coaches could be on the hot seat and the pressure mounting in the second half for some progress or even a playoff berth. Which coaches could be coaching for their jobs in the balance of the season?

05 November 2012

Did a referee swear on the air yesterday in Indianapolis?

It was not a great day for referees yesterday and it was signified by Tony Corrente discussing something with a fellow referee and using profanity while his mic was hot. Let's go to the videotape.

Terry Bradshaw said what about Reggie Bush?

While doing the highlight of Reggie Bush's awesome touchdown run earlier today, Terry Bradshaw made an interesting comment about the run. Let's go to the videotape.

04 November 2012

2012 College Football Week 11 Picks

I don't even think Everett Golson knows how the Fighting Irish were able to rally and finally defeat the Pitt Panthers in three overtimes on Saturday to keep their national title hopes alive. Will they stumble again this week against a lowly Boston College club, who did knock off the Irish way back in 2002 when they were undefeated, or will the dream remain alive? Here are my week eleven collegiate selections.

Watch Reggie Bush's unbelievable touchdown run

Reggie Bush has been some kind of wonderful ever since he signed in Miami and earlier today, he flashed off some ridiculous stop-and-start moves that we had not seen from him since the glory days at USC. He pretty much juked out everyone in Indianapolis with this touchdown run. Let's go to the videotape.

2012-13 Bowl Projections After Week 10

You know, I thought the Oregon Ducks would stumble and lose to USC. Then they go out and on Saturday evening and rack up an unbelievable 738 yards (which that, and the 62 points they scored were both records against USC) and took out the Trojans. Running back Kenjon Barner was all right, rushing for an Oregon record 321 yards and five touchdowns. So, in my bowl predictions after week ten, where do I have Oregon now?