20 October 2012

Watch Alex Ovechkin destroy some glass with his head

When a bunch of NHL players decided to play overseas during the lockout, some logically wondered how hard they would actually play in risk of injury. Do not tell that to Alex Ovechkin who, for better or worse, has maintained his physical style in his native Russia as well as his noted move to leap into the glass back-first. That did not work out so well this one time. Let's go to the videotape.

Ryan Lochte: "Sex Idiot"

Olympic swimming gold medalist Ryan Lochte is not exactly known as the brightest man alive and the brilliant folks over at 30 Rock exploited that when he cameoed on Thursday night's episode, when he protrayed the "sex idiot" of Jack Donaghy's girlfriend, Zarina. It's a short clip but real funny stuff; let's go to the videotape.

19 October 2012

Is there a quarterback controversy brewing with the 49ers?

Looking over the shoulder?
If you watched the Seahawks-49ers game last night, you saw something different with Alex Smith. It appeared that the team may be losing confidence in Smith, and that Smith may be losing confidence in himself. After an awful performance last Sunday against the Giants, Smith only threw the ball 23 times against a strong Seahawk defense and half of his 14 completions were to running backs. What was even more fascinating was how conservative the offensive coordinator, Greg Roman, called the plays when the 49ers were up 10-6 late in the fourth where they took the ball out of their quarterback's hands and played for the field goal, which ended to be enough.

So the question must be asked, is there a quarterback controversy on the horizon in the Bay Area?

17 October 2012

Any chance that the Yankees avoid a sweep at the hands of the Tigers?

The 2012 ALCS could be coming to a conclusion this evening at Comerica Park as Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder and the Detroit Tigers have the chance to sweep the New York Yankees and advance to the Fall Classic. Is there any chance that New York can force a fifth game?

16 October 2012

ESPN needs to stop the Bob Knight nonsense

Bob Knight is one of the main analysts for College Basketball on ESPN but the nonsense they have pulled with him has gotten to the point where it has just about jumped the shark. That is a direct response to the report that Bob Knight will no longer work Big Ten (excluding Indiana, of course) and Big XII games with Brent Musburger and instead will work Thursday night SEC games with Rece Davis. And that includes Knight's beloved Kentucky. But there is a catch, because there always is a catch with ESPN and Bobby Knight.

2012 NFL Week 7 Picks

Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh do not have the best of relations, dating back to when Harbaugh's Cardinal blew out Carroll's Trojans at the Coliseum with the then-USC coach alleging that the then-Stanford coach ran up the score. Well they have another West Coast showdown this Thursday night as the Seahawks and the 49ers are tied (along with the Cardinals) atop the NFC West. Who will be victorious in that game and all others this week in the NFL?

It is time for the B-FLO 360 week seven selections.

15 October 2012

2012 NFL on CBS Announcers & Distribution: Week 7

We have arrived in the seventh week in the 2012 NFL campaign and with that, there will be a doubleheader this Sunday on CBS Sports. In the early window, most of America will see the Ravens and the Texans do battle in Houston with others seeing Browns-Colts or Titans-Bills. In the late window, most of the country will get the AFC East battle of the Jets and the Patriots in Foxborough, with others seeing Jaguars-Raiders. Continue reading for announcing assignments as well as distribution splits.

2012 NFL on FOX Announcers & Distribution: Week 7

FOX has itself a singleheader this Sunday, the seventh of the 2012 NFL season, and all games are at 1:00 due to NLCS coverage at 4:30. The primary game will be the Giants hosting the Redskins at that crappy stadium in the Meadowlands, while others will see Packers-Rams, Cowboys-Panthers, Saints-Buccaneers or Cardinals-Vikings in a pretty good slate of games. Continue reading for distribution splits as well as announcing assignments.

14 October 2012

Joe Buck has had a fun day

I still do not get why FOX did not just have Thom Brennaman do the New York Giants-San Francisco 49ers game but they had Joe Buck do something rare and impressive, call two games in different sports back-to-back. He called the aforementioned Giants-49ers game at 4:30 Eastern and then took a trolley car from Candlestick Park to AT&T Park to call game one of the NLCS with the Cardinals and the Giants. Here's some video of his unusual commute.

2012 College Football Week 8 Picks

It may not be the 80's again but it always is fun when Florida State and Miami go at it. And hopefully the Canes will actually get a crowd for this matchup in Miami Gardens on Saturday night as they look to get a big statement victory in Al Golden's second season at the helm while the 'Noles look to take the ACC and revisit the stadium for the Orange Bowl come January. Who will win at Sun Life? And how about all other games this week?

It's the B-Flo 360 week eight selections.

2012-2013 Bowl Projections after Week 7

We have seen our fair share of upheavel this college football season but one thing remains clear, Alabama is the best team in the country, and we certainly saw that yesterday in a wet afternoon on Missouri in which the Crimson Tide manhandled the Tigers, 42-10, highlighted by T.J. Yeldon's awesome diving touchdown run in the second quarter. The Tide are looking like they'll be in the BCS Championship Game this winter but who will they potentially face? And how about the rest of the 35 bowl games? It's the first edition of the B-FLO 360 bowl predictions for 2012.

Is Geno Smith still the Heisman favorite following the loss to Texas Tech?

West Virginia's high-flying offensive attack came to a crashing halt in Lubbock on Saturday afternoon after they got smacked by a good Texas Tech defense while their own "defense" failed to stop anybody en route to a 49-14 beatdown. Mountaineers quarterback Geno Smith has been the ringleader of the theatrics and rode it to become the Heisman frontrunner as his club reached the top five of the AP polls but after this upset blowout, is he still the favorite?

Watch Felix Baumgartner's record-breaking space jump

Felix Baumgartner is one crazy bastard. Today, live from Roswell, New Mexico, the man pictured above is attempting a record-breaking free fall from 23 miles (37 kilometers) or 120,000 feet above the Earth in the stratosphere and also attempting to become the first man to break the speed of sound. Watch it happen here.