06 October 2012

Watch a referee refuses to high-five Illinois QB Nathan Scheelhaase

H/T CBS Sports
I would guess that the referee would not want to show any favoritism towards Illinois and quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase, or something like that. Or maybe he's a poor man's Howie Mandel. Regardless, that ref essentially cowering from the high-five is absolutely hilarious. Here's video.

2012 MLB Postseason: ALDS & NLDS Predictions

And now, we have baseball's "Elite Eight." I'm here all week. Anyways, the League Division Series start today after the conclusion of Friday's Wild Card action (including this beauty) with the St. Louis Cardinals and the Baltimore Orioles joining the larger party of clubs with still a dream at the Fall Classic. Who will advance to the American League and National League Championship Series?

05 October 2012

Watch the horrendous "infield fly" call in Atlanta that led to fans littering the field

Hey, so it is the debut of the Wild Card game and the Cardinals defeated the Braves 6-3 tonight at Turner Field. The Braves lost a key opportunity in the eighth when Braves shortstop Andrelton Simmons, with runners on first and second and one out, hit a fly to shallow left field and the ball fell in an apparent miscommunication by Matt Holliday and Pete Kozma. Somehow, someway, the umpires called an infield fly rule at the last possible second, leading to a 20-minute delay where fans littered the field. Bravo.

Let's go to the videotape.

2012 MLB Postseason: Wild Card Predictions

Now I'm not really a huge fan of the Wild Card set-up for the MLB Postseason, nevertheless it should mark for some exciting baseball on Friday evening. Four teams go in, only two will survive to get to the LDS. Who will advance?

04 October 2012

Liam Neeson talking about the Jets on SportsCenter goes hilariously poorly

So tomorrow, Taken 2 starring Liam Neeson comes out in theaters so naturally, Neeson went on SportsCenter to promote it. And then, of course, ESPN asked him about the Jets and Tim Tebow and then it went south from here. You have to check this out, so let's go to the videotape.

2012 MLB Awards

Another MLB regular season came to an end yesterday and with the playoffs kicking off tomorrow with the Wild Card play-in games, here are my 2012 season awards.

03 October 2012

2012 MLB Postseason: Wild Card & Division Series TV Schedule

The 2012 MLB Postseason has arrived and it all kicks off this Friday with the first ever Wild Card play-in games. Here is the complete television schedule for the Wild Card as well as the League Division Series as well as announcer assignments.

02 October 2012

2012 NFL Week 5 Picks

It's the television networks' favorite rivalry, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Only this time, Manning is playing for a different club, the Denver Broncos, who will visit Brady's Patriots this Sunday in Foxborough. Which 2-2 club will be above .500 this Sunday? And how about all other games this week in the NFL? It's time for the B-FLO 360 predictions for week five.

01 October 2012

Is it time for Tim Tebow in New York?

At one glance, the Jets are not in awful shape, considering they are tied at the top of the AFC East and right now would be in the playoffs. But things are heading downhill fast for Gang Green and their disastrous performance against San Francisco yesterday afternoon signified that. Save for the fluke opening performance against Buffalo, the offense has been a complete disaster (tied for 29th) and is losing their top threat in wideout Santonio Holmes for an unspecified amount of time while the defense has not been much better and with Darrelle Revis out for the season (and the awful Kyle Wilson filling in) things are not going to get better.

In the crosshairs of the mess is quarterback Mark Sanchez, who has been awful since that Buffalo game with a 43.5% completition percentage since and QB ratings of 66.6, 58.2 and 39.9 since then. And the team has a backup that you may have heard of. Should the Jets pull the plug on Sanchez and insert Tim Tebow?

Who will win the AL East: Baltimore or New York?

There are three games left in the 2012 MLB season and we've got ourselves a race for the American League East. After both clubs won yesterday and clinched playoff berths, the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles, in for the first time since 1997, are tied for the division lead. That also means they are tied for the top spot in the Wild Card. Who will win the division and who will be in the dreaded Wild Card play-in game?

2012 NFL on CBS Announcers & Distribution: Week 5

It is the fifth week of the 2012 NFL season and with that, CBS Sports has a doubleheader. In the early window, the featured game is Browns-Giants whereas others will see Ravens-Chiefs or Dolphins-Bengals while in the national window, most of America will see Broncos-Patriots whereas other folks will get Bills-49ers or Titans-Vikings. Continue reading for who will be calling said games and which ones you will get in your neck of the woods.

2012 NFL on FOX Announcers & Distribution: Week 5

It is the fifth week of the 2012 NFL season and with it, FOX has a singleheader of action. Most of America will see the Pennsylvania showdown of Eagles-Steelers while others may see Packers-Colts, Falcons-Redskins, Bears-Jaguars or Seahawks-Panthers. Continue reading for announcing assignments as well as distribution splits.

30 September 2012

2012 College Football Week 6 Picks

We've got ourselves a troika of high profile collegiate matchups this Saturday. Coming off an incredibly absurd offensive showing against Baylor, Geno Smith and the high-flying Mountaineers of West Virginia look to prove their competitiveness going into Austin as the Longhorns themselves are playing very well and are coming off a big victory in Stillwater. In the SEC, the game of the year for the SEC East will be in Columbia as both Georgia and South Carolina are looking strong and also looking to get a shot at winning the SEC. And in Columbus, the Cornhuskers will look for a second straight strong Big Ten victory against a Ohio State club that is playing very well.

It is time, ladies and gents, for my college football week six picks.

Jamaal Charles is ridiculous, scores on incredible run

Jamaal Charles is good. How good is he, you may ask? Watch this incredible touchdown run against the San Diego Chargers. Let's go to the videotape.