21 September 2012

How about we cut Gary Bettman a little slack?

So the National Hockey League is going through a little bit of a lockout, perhaps you have heard about it. And as usual, the villain of the situation is the man pictured above, commissioner Gary Bettman. Arguably the most unpopular commissioner in sports (although that is like trying to pick a good Resident Evil movie), this is the third lockout since Bettman took over of the league in 1993. But I think we need to cut Bettman a little bit of slack here, quite frankly.

20 September 2012

2012 MLB on FOX Announcers & Distribution: September 22nd

This is the home stretch of the MLB season, ladies and gentlemen, as there is a little more than a week left of baseball left before we hit the postseason and it is still really tight in both leagues. Every game this Saturday on your FOX affiliate will have playoff implications. The Dodgers and Reds will face off in Cincy and while the Reds look pretty safe atop the NL Central, the Dodgers are anything but as they fight for the Wild Card in the Senior Circuit. The Braves are also in that Wild Card mix as they visit the City of Brotherly Love. And the Tigers are locked in a very tight AL Central race while also staying in the hunt for the AL Wild Card. Lot of action of FOX this Saturday, continue reading for announcing assignments and distribution splits.

Kentucky fan actually gets a Kentucky fake eye

You know how dedicated they saw Kentucky hoops fans are? Check out this guy, who lost his eye in some sort of accident and gets it replaced with a Kentucky fake eye.
H/T SportsGrid

18 September 2012

R.I.P. Steve Sabol

One of the greatest and most important pioneers in NFL history was never a player, a coach nor an executive. Rather it was a New Jersey native, a Colorado College graduate, somebody who worked under and later alongside his father and helped build an iconic company, the most honored filmmaker is sports history, the company that helped make the National Football League the most powerful and popular league in sports as well as changing the way we watched football forever. The company is NFL Films and the man in Steve Sabol.

Steve Sabol died earlier today at the age of 69, two weeks before his 70th birthday and 18 months after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Sabol, as the longtime President of NFL Films, was a key part in how the players were no longer portrayed as brute athletes, but rather artists practicing their craft on the gridiron. The slow-motion shots, the iconic tight focus on the spiral, the "Voice of God," the epic background music made every game look like a battle, a scene from an opera. NFL Films also showed the human side of players; everybody makes mistakes and the Football Follies series helped portray NFL players, even with all their prodigious talent, are as prone to mistakes on the gridiron as your next door neighbors. The Ice Bowl, Hank Stram and 65 Toss Power Trap, the Immaculate Reception, "Old Man Willie," the Holy Roller, Marcus Allen's epic run, "The Drive," "Montana's Drive," and the legendary John Candy anecdote, Wide Right and so many more classic moments all remembered in history in an even greater way, thanks to NFL Films.

When I was in elementary school, there was a channel, must have been like 705, that showed NFL Films all the time. And every day, as soon as I would get up, I would turn on that channel and would watch. Usually it was Football Follies or some other production (I particularly remember fondly the production of the Bills' legendary comeback after the Oilers in the 1993 NFL playoffs hosted by Paul Maguire). There was nothing I loved to watch everyday than these old NFL clips, it helped turn me into an NFL history buff and I was sucked in for life. Whenever Sabol would come on the screen to introduce another great NFL Films program, I was glued to the television.

NFL Films founder Ed Sabol was inducted in the Hall of Fame a year ago and Steve Sabol will join him in Canton soon. One cannot describe the role that the Sabols have played in NFL history.

Stephen Douglas "Steve" Sabol - October 2, 1942-September 18, 2012

2012 NFL Week 3 Picks

Who is the elite club in the American Football Conference? The Texans like to stake a claim in that question but they have not been challenged at all this season. That will change Sunday afternoon in Denver where they will visit the Broncos. Who will solidify themselves in the AFC? How about the other clubs, who will win in week three?

17 September 2012

Why is Colorado such a disaster?

To say that the Colorado Buffaloes are awful is pretty much an understatement. In fact, not only are they the worst team in a BCS conference, you could make an argument that they are the worst program in the FBS. They sit at 0-3 after losing to rival Colorado State (who has gone 0-2 since, including losing to North Dakota State), Sacramento State, a middling FCS program, and on Saturday getting utterly trounced by Fresno State, where is was 55-0 at the half. So why is Colorado so bad?

2012 NFL on CBS Announcers & Distribution: Week 3

It is week three in the 2012 NFL season and with that, CBS has itself another doubleheader this Sunday. In the early window, the lead game is Chiefs-Saints with other folks getting Jets-Dolphins, Bengals-Redskins, Jaguars-Colts or Bills-Browns. In the national window, much of America will be seeing Texans-Broncos while others will see Steelers-Raiders. Continue readin to see who will be calling which game as well as what game you are getting in your neck of woods.

2012 NFL on FOX Announcers & Distribution: Week 3

It is week three of the 2012 NFL season and this Sunday, FOX has a singleheader once again. Most of America will get Buccaneers-Cowboys with other folks getting 49ers-Vikings, Rams-Bears, Lions-Titans, Eagles-Cardinals or Falcons-Chargers. Continue reading for distribution splits and announcing assignments.

16 September 2012

Should the Redskins cut Joshua Morgan after his idiotic penalty against St. Louis?

In what was one of the most selfish, boneheaded penalties I have seen in a long time, Joshua Morgan effectively killed the Redskins' chances to win by, after catching a pass from Robert Griffin III to make it fourth-and-one and in decent position for a tying field goal, throwing the football at Cortland Finnegan. Washington, who did lead the Rams 21-6 at one point, was forced to attempt a 62-yarder with no timeouts and it was nowhere close. Let's go to the videotape.

2012 College Football Picks: Week 4

The biggest game in the ACC all season is on Saturday night when the Clemson Tigers head down to Doak Campbell to take on the Florida State. In my opinion, both are the elite teams in the conference and whoever wins will have the inside track to get to Charlotte and the ACC Championship Game. The explosive Tigers offense and the physical 'Noles' defense. An improving Clemson defense and a balanced FSU attack. Who will come out on top? Here are my week four selections.

Check our Robert Kraft after Stephen Gostkowski misses winning field goal

Odd game in Foxborough. The Cardinals hold the Patriots in check all game, keep them out of the end zone until less than four minutes left and prevent New England from tying by snuffing out the two point conversion. All Arizona has to do is run the clock out and not fumble, but don't tell that to Ryan Williams, who fumbles on third and long, giving New England the football. But the Patriots' last chance was blown by Stephen Gostkowski missing the winning field goal, giving the win to the Cardinals, 20-18. Robert Kraft took to it well.
H/T @cjzero

Have fun trying to tackle Reggie Bush on this ridiculous touchdown

Reggie Bush is having himself a heck of a ballgame today against the Oakland Raiders and you have to see this awesome 23-yard touchdown scamper, where there was nothing stopping him short of paydirt. Let's go to the videotape.