11 February 2012

Is Tiger Woods Back?

Tiger Woods was playing like his old self today at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, shooting a 67 in the third round to move himself within four shots of the leader Charlie Wi going into the final day on the Monterey Peninsula. His play has been tremendous thus far at Pebble Beach and so the question must be asked: is he back?

Did the Knicks almost drop Jeremy Lin for Mike James?

I'm sorry for another Jeremy Lin-related post but Marc Stein had this troika of tweets.

Can you imagine if the Knicks dumped Lin for MIKE JAMES? If only...

Jason Whitlock Crosses the Line...Again (UPDATE)

Jason Whitlock crossing the line? Why should we be surprised?

That's disgraceful. But it's Whitlock and this is what he does. Unfortunate and all.

UPDATE: Whitlock put out an apology and likened what Lin is doing for Asian Americans in basketball to what Tiger Woods did for African-Americans in golf and blamed his language for listening to Richard Pryor as a youth as well as genetics. Kinda half assed but again, it's Whitlock.

10 February 2012

Your Jeremy Lin Related Puns of the Evening

So apparently there is this Jeremy Lin guy on the Knicks. Haven't heard much about him but here are some great puns involving him. Because we all love to get a little punny.

Ralph Nadar should stop talking about the NHL

Ralph Nadar is one of those guys who will throw himself into a topic just so people remember who he is. And his new cause is to ban fighting in the NHL. And he says it is the reason that concussions are a major problem in the NHL. Which shows he really has no idea what he is talking about.

Russell Westbrook Will Take Your Breath Away With This Dunk

Absolutely vicious.

Bonus points for it being a Kevin Harlan with both Chris Webber and Reggie Miller losing their minds. Goodness.

09 February 2012

Murray State falls to Tennessee State, no more undefeateds in NCAA

Steve Prohm's Murray State Racers entered tonight's game with Tennessee State as the last undefeated team in the country at 23-0 and ranked ninth in the country. And it looked like it was going to be an easy victory tonight as they were up by as many as 13. But they fell apart down the stretch and ended up losing to the Tigers 72-68, meaning there are no more undefeated in college hoops. Let's go to the videotape.

08 February 2012

Watch Austin Rivers' buzzer-beating three to defeat UNC

Duke-UNC tonight at Chapel Hill seemed, especially in the second half, like it would be an easy win for the Tar Heels, especially as they were leading by ten with two and a half to go. But Duke was able to rally back thanks to freshman guard Austin Rivers, who has a brilliant game shooting the ball, who ended with 29 points with six three's. And he last one gave Duke the win. Let's go to the videotape.

Who will replace Gus Johnson on NCAA Tournament games for CBS/Turner?

The NCAA Tournament sans Gus Johnson? This was my reaction. So many memories, so many classic calls, many trips to Heartbreak City. How could this happen, it was a perfect marriage.

So after it was announced that Johnson was leaving CBS and heading for FOX, it became clear the he was not going to do March Madness, the first tournament without him since 1995, which had Doc Emrick calling games for them. So who will replace him for the CBS/Turner consortium?

Watch Jeremy Lin crossing over John Wall & dunking on the Wizards

Let me tell you something about Jeremy Lin...

(H/T The Big Lead)

2012 NFL Mock Draft: 7th Edition

And just like that, the 2011 NFL season has come to an end with the New York Giants on top of the football world after winning Super Bowl XLVI. And so now, what is next for all 32 teams as they prepare to make a Super Bowl run of their own? It's the NFL Draft. Here's my seventh mock draft, including I project a trade that will shake up the entire draft.

Grading the NFL Announcers, 2011 Edition

I'm going to give my grades for each and every broadcasting team in the NFL for the 2011 season. Let's see who needs to get their act together and who did excellent work.

Brandon Jacobs has some kind words for Gisele Bundchen

As we all know, after the Patriots lost Super Bowl XLVI, Gisele Bundchen, wife of Tom Brady, was trying to deflect blame from the quarterback onto the wide receivers. Take that as you will, I'm sure Chase Blackburn is inclined to agree.

So then Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, known for having a mouth prone to saying interesting things, is having none of it so he said this about her.

Check out Steve Nash score the game winner on his birthday against Milwaukee

So yesterday was Steve Nash's 38th birthday (Steve Nash is 38) and he celebrated it with a bang, scoring the winning basket to defeat the Milwaukee Bucks. Let's go to the videotape.

07 February 2012

An Allen Iverson Sighting?

You remember A.I.? I know it is hard considering he has not been relevant on the NBA scene in a long time. But he is getting wooed by not just a team but an entire league for him to play. His interest is not known but it is an opportunity. But who is it giving him an opportunity?
UPDATE: Iverson is actually going to play in Venezuela.

NBA makes brilliant changes to Rookie Challenge

Today, the NBA announced some changes to the Rookie Challenge, you know, the dreaded rookie-sophomore game which the sophomores win most of the time (although not last year). Let's take a look at the changes that were made.

Check Out This Epic Jeremy Lin Tribute Video

Jeremy Lin has taken the league by storm with two strong performances for the New York Knicks that have come out of nowhere. Granted if he was on any other team it would not be a storm and him being Chinese certainly does not hurt but still, his playing over the last two games has energized a team that has disappointed all year and was in need of a point guard badly. And so, as usual, somebody makes a rap tribute video. And it's pretty fantastic. Let's go to the videotape.

JaVale McGee: Smartest Basketball Player Ever

If this is not indicative of the Washington Wizards' season, or JaVale McGee's NBA career, I'm not sure what is.

Maybe he just wanted a head start on defense? Well to be fair to McGee, he has has his best statistical season this year but it's these consistent mental breakdowns that makes you wonder if he will ever get it.

Watch Eli Manning's Explanation of Ahmad Bradshaw's Awkward Game Winning TD

Nobody was sure what Ahmad Bradshaw was doing, or trying to do, as he scored the go-ahead touchdown on Sunday that ended up giving the Giants the win as he awkwardly tried to stop and fell back into the end zone. It was pretty bizarre and lucky for us, Super Bowl XLVI MVP Eli Manning went on Letterman last night and helped us out.

NBA to return to Seattle? NHL team to follow?

The Seattle Times reported that there is a serious effort, one that was not known until just a few days ago, to build a new arena in the Emerald City and to buy a team to restore the Seattle Supersonics and bring back the NBA back to town. And it appears that it could be possible than an NHL club is brought to that arena as well.

06 February 2012

Check Out Andre Igoudala's Amazing Circus Shot

I could do that...if only. That's pretty damn impressive and pretty damn lucky.

Examining Tom Coughlin's Hall of Fame Case

Two major questions. Is that the happiest that Tom Coughlin has ever looked in his life? And is he a Hall of Famer? Let us ponder his case to be enshrined in Canton.

Super Bowl XLVI Ratings

Just like Super Bowl XLV, Super Bowl XLVI became the most viewed Super Bowl in NFL history as well as the most watched program in US television history. It had an average viewership of 111.3 million viewers, 300,000 than last year, and one must also note that the halftime show featuring Madonna was seen by even more people than the game, something rare, with a 114 million average viewership and a 47.4 rating. The rating for the game itself was 47.0 with a 71 share, making it the highest rated Super Bowl since XX featuring the Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots. The thrilling game also set a total viewership record of 166.8 million viewers, beating last year's game which had 162.9 million viewers.

The Best Super Bowl XLVI Commercial You Never Saw

Unless you live in Nebraska, which was the only place this aired.

Will Ferrell's Old Milwaukee ads are just fantastic (Hell he does them for free). And this baby is simple, unlike pretty much every other Super Bowl ad, and it is pure America (and Nebraska).

The Worst Super Bowl XLVI Commercials

So much of America watches the Super Bowl for the commercials, or at least it seems that way. Companies spend millions to advertise their product (s) in front of some of the biggest TV audiences ever. Many ads are great, many are awful. Here is my take on the worst advertisements of Super Bowl XLVI.

The Best Super Bowl XLVI Commercials

So much of America watches the Super Bowl for the commercials, or at least it seems that way. Companies spend millions to advertise their product (s) in front of some of the biggest TV audiences ever. Many ads are great, many are awful. Here is my take on the best advertisements of Super Bowl XLVI.

05 February 2012

New York Giants win Super Bowl XLVI

Congrats to the New York Giants, who are Super Bowl XLVI champions after defeating the New England Patriots 21-14. See you next season.

Super Bowl XLVI Live Blog

So we are finally here, Super Bowl Sunday. The biggest day in all of sports as well as television. You know the teams, you know the players. New York and New England. And a day this big deserves a live blog, eh? So just like last year, B-FLO 360 will have a running live blog of the Super Bowl featuring not just my thoughts but the tweets of the leading writers and analysts like Peter King, Michael Silver, Don Banks, Mike Freeman and many more. After the jump is the official B-FLO 360 Super Bowl XLVI live blog.

Peter King is working hard in Indianapolis

H/T Liam McHugh
Now that is an action shot if I have ever seen one. May or may not be the American Dream.

Watch Kevin Love stomp on Luis Scola's Face

Remember when Luis Scola nailed Kevin Love in the groin with the ball? Well the two were involved in another incident on Saturday night. Let's take a look.

Here's an alternate angle:

Stomping on other players is simply never accepted. But the question is did Love mean to stomp on his face? I am not entirely certain, even though he did look down at Scola before he stomped on him, but I think it could be a legitimate possibility it was a combination of wrong place at wrong time. Like anything with Jeff Parles. And besides, Love does not have a rep of a dirty player but maybe he was still pissed when Scola nailed him in the balls.

Super Bowl XLVI: What to Watch For

It is Super Bowl Sunday, believe it or not. Here is what you should keep an eye on in today's game as the New Giants and the New England Patriots battle it out at Lucas Oil Stadium for the Lombardi Trophy.