13 December 2012

ESPN's Rob Parker gave the most ridiculous criticism of Robert Griffin III

On the weekday disaster that is First Take, the topic at hand was Robert Griffin III and his recent comments that he does not want to be defined by his race. And thus, Rob Parker gave us a pretty shocking critique of Griffin, asking if he was "a brother, or a cornball brother." Let's go to the videotape.

First off, let's just put it out there: Rob Parker is a talentless hack (which of course explains why he is on First Take). This is a guy that made up a story about Kirk Cousins being involved in a fight with members of the Michigan State hockey team while Cousins was really with his parents. This is a guy that asked Lions head coach Rod Marinelli if his daughter should have married a better defensive coordinator. Thus, he is not a guy whose opinion I respect very much.

Second, what does Griffin's "blackness" have to do with anything? Who cares about the skin-color of his fiance? Who cares about his political views? What has Griffin done to deserve this kind of outrageous critique by this guy? And what about the fact that above all us, the one thing that proves Griffin's "blackness" is the fact that he has dreads.

Why can't we have a model athlete that is not tainted over absurd criticisms about whether he a "brother" as opposed to a "cornball brother," which I am still not sure what that really means. Griffin has done nothing wrong, he was a model student, has great character and loves to play the game of football. Why does there have to be more than that?

What is truly telling with this segment is the reasoned statement by Stephen A. Smith where he said he was "uncomfortable" where the segment was going and that his ethnicity and the ethnicity of his fiance is "none of our business, it's irrelevant." This reprehensible, race-baiting critique by Parker should result in some sort of punishment by ESPN, if not his outright dismissal.

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