18 November 2012

With Kansas State AND Oregon losing, there's BCS chaos (or something like that)

First it was the Baylor Bears upsetting the top ranked Kansas State Wildcats in a game that was never that close with a 52-24 final. And then, it was the Stanford Cardinal going into Eugene, getting a late tying touchdown and fortunately getting a missed Oregon field goal in overtime to knock out the second ranked Ducks by a 17-14 final. So now, we've got ourselves some chaos in the BCS.

What does these two upsets directly mean? For the first time since I was in diapers, or 1993 to be exact, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame will be the top ranked team in the country as the only non-ineligible undefeated club remaining. Pretty impressive, considering that they were unranked in the pre-season rankings. They are only one win away from getting to Miami Gardens and their final game at USC may be easier if Matt Barkley is unable to play after suffering an injury today against UCLA.

And you remember how after last week there seemed to be a real chance that we would have a BCS Championship Game sans an SEC team for the first time since 2005? Yeah, about that because now Alabama, who fell to four after losing to Texas A&M, will be in the position to get to the championship game provided they beat Auburn next week and then Georgia in the SEC Championship Game.

Speaking of Georgia, they are also licking their chops because if they beat Georgia Tech next Saturday and then defeat Alabama in Atlanta, it will be the Bulldogs that will be in the title game. That was not a scenario I'd imagine most folks would have thought after they got creamed by South Carolina a month ago in Columbia.

But let's get really wild and say that Notre Dame loses next week, who would be the second team in the championship game? Would it be Kansas State or Oregon? Or could we actually have an all-SEC title game with Florida possibly sneaking into the mix, provided they beat Florida State next Saturday? Or maybe the Seminoles if they win out could find themselves in the championship game? It sounds crazy, but crazy went out the window after today's events.

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