06 November 2012

Which NFL coaches could be coaching for their jobs the rest of the season?

We are at the midway point in the 2012 NFL season and now we know what coaches could be on the hot seat and the pressure mounting in the second half for some progress or even a playoff berth. Which coaches could be coaching for their jobs in the balance of the season?

Chan Gailey, Buffalo Bills
Buffalo was widely panned by bringing in a "retread" once again with the hiring of Gailey to replace Dick Jauron and while there have been flashes in the pan (finishing 4-4 in 2010, starting 5-2 last year), the team has been unable to put together a full campaign of success. Expectations were high coming into this season as many folks, including myself, predicted the Bills to reach the playoffs after an aggressive and expensive offseason but the club has once again disappointed. Buffalo has not made the playoffs since 1999 and with the expectations coming into 2012, look for Gailey to get the axe unless the Bills make a late run into the postseason.

Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers
Cam Newton said that something had to change in Carolina and lo and behold, GM Marty Hurney got axed the next day. Could Rivera be next? With a new general manager coming in the offseason, it seems that Rivera will be done unless he can uncork some kind of run down the stretch. The team can't win close games, Newton has clearly regressed and is unhappy as well as a general feeling for disappointment with the team after higher expectations for this season make for Rivera to be on one toasty seat that will more likely than not result in him becoming unemployed.

Pat Shurmur, Cleveland Browns
With new ownership in Cleveland and new management as Mike Holmgren will be out after the season, Shurmer seems done, regardless of what the Browns do this season. New owner Jimmy Haslam's response to a lame call to punt on fourth and one a couple weeks back really said it all. The Browns have shown little improvement in the Shurmur tenure thus far and particularly on offense, even with the tremendous rookie back Trent Richardson, which of course is his specialty. But like I said, even if the Browns push .500 somehow down the stretch, Shurmur will be out.

Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys
You think Jerry Jones, will all the money he has invested in this club over the years, is tired of having an underachieving club take the football field every Sunday. Now, Jones really likes Jason Garrett. But he also likes to win, which is something Garrett is not doing enough of. His record in Dallas is an even 16-16. The Cowboys have not reached the playoffs since 2009 and if the Cowboys miss the playoffs once again, Garrett is gone. And with all those rumors swirling around about Sean Payton's contract situation in New Orleans and the fact that he has strong ties with the organization and a good relationship with Jones, if the Cowboys have a chance to bring in Payton...

Romeo Crennel, Kansas City Chiefs
Wait, fire Crennel? This is only his first full season at the helm in Kansas City and he finished last season on a high note as the interim coach. But have you seen the Chiefs this year? They have been an absolute disaster on the field this year and it seems they have an inside track at getting the top pick. Now, Crennel is a Scott Pioli guy but I have a feeling that even if Pioli gets a contract extension from ownership for some reason, there will be pressure from ownership to find somebody new and dump Crennel. And if they have the top pick and have the chance to select Geno Smith, you think that may entice Chip Kelly to leave Eugene?

Rex Ryan, New York Jets
Ahh, the Jets. Ryan came to Florham Park with so much bravado, and the on-field product seemed to match it when they made the AFC Championship Game two years in a row in his first years with the club. But not even the most fervent Jets opponent cannot deny how disappointing the team has been the past two seasons. And say what you want about the guy, but why the hell is Tim Tebow on the bench and Mark Sanchez still on the field? I do think it is more likely that Mike Tannenbaum gets the axe than Ryan does but certainly, Ryan's job is not completely safe regardless.

Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles
I discussed Reid's future in Philadelphia a few days ago but to reiterate, I am not all that confident that Reid will be back with the Eagles next season for a fifteenth season. I do not believe that Reid has the team's ears and that after all these years, the Eagles could be making a change. Just to forewarn those Eagles fans who have wanted Reid out for years now, just remember how bad the team was before Reid got there, with the one and only Ray Rhodes at the controls of a 3-13 campaign in 1998.

Norv Turner, San Diego Chargers
Personally, I was surprised that the Chargers brought back Turner after last season considering how mediocre they have been. They have steadily declined since losing to the Jets in the divisional round of the 2010 NFL playoffs. There were rumors that Turner may have gotten axed had the club lost to the Chiefs last Thursday night and while I do believe he will finally get fired this season, where is the heat on general manager A.J. Smith, who has done a terrible job over the past few years as the talent drop on the roster is clear. Turner should go, but Smith should as well, however I do not think that the Spanos family is going to dump Smith anytime soon.

Mike Munchak, Tennessee Titans
Munchak is a Hall of Fame player with the organization so it may be surprising that he would find himself on a list like this, especially as their quarterback, Jake Locker, has been hurt for much of this season. But Chris Johnson's numbers have alarmingly declined after Munchak was promoted from line coach and it is clear that the offensive line has declined rapidly without Munchak's direct tutelage. And yesterday's embarrassing loss to the Bears, where mistake after mistake ended the game, seemingly, in the first quarter resulted with Bud Adams sharply criticizing the organization and the coaching staff.

Mike Shanahan, Washington Redskins
On one hand, you would think that Shanahan would not be on the hot seat, considering they have just drafted a rookie quarterback and that quarterback has energized the team and the city and looks to be a star in the making. On the other hand, Shanahan is 13 games under .500 in his tenure in the Beltway, which Dan Snyder was not looking for when he gave him a $35 million contract, and while there has been promise with Robert Griffin in town, they have lost three straight with that culminating in Shanahan making a bizarre quote where he might have suggested that the Skins are playing for next season. And Snyder has never been known as a patient man, either.

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