09 November 2012

Mike Florio should shut up about Charles Tillman

Now, I generally like Mike Florio's work. ProFootballTalk is a pretty solid website and Florio has carved out a career and a job at NBC Sports out of that site. But his absurd reasoning about why he thinks Bears cornerback Charles Tillman should still play this Sunday, even if it means missing his wife give birth.

"It's the life you've chosen, and the idea that you're going to bail out on your team when the time comes when this is something that could have been planned around when you're getting paid a heck of a lot of money to be available..."
Here's a great line about how since folks in the military can't come home if their spouse is having a child, because there clearly is a correlation.
"Guys who are overseas don't get to fly home if they've got a spouse going into labor, and they get paid a heck of a lot less money."
 Plus, he notes how he must not be alone who shares this view.
"There may be some in the media who feel like it's not politically correct to say what everyone is thinking deep down..."
 Here may be the most defining quote.
"It's easy for me to say this because I've never been and never will be in this position, but I think you gotta show up and do your job."
Indeed. I mean, this point of view is just do ridiculous, especially since Tillman's own teammates as well as his coach agree that Tillman should put family first. It's pretty hard to mount a defense for what Florio said, unless of course you are one of the noted morons who comment on PFT. After all, football is only a game, and while this is a big game against the Texans this Sunday, hard to figure how it would be deemed more important than the birth of your child, especially as one of Tillman's daughters has had serious medical issues a couple years back. Putting your family first is the logical decision, unless of course you are Mike Florio.

By the way, what the hell is he talking about how there are ways to have planned for this birth around the game? It is not like labor is an exact science, you cannot really plan out three quarters of a year in advance the precise day that you are going to give birth. Some babies are born early (like I was, for example), some are born late. So I don't know where Florio gets his information from to defend his nonsense, but I guess football is more important that a birth of your child.

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