17 November 2012

Lee Corso calls a kid a "midget" and nearly kills a duck on Gameday

Instead of the usual "celebrity" guest picker (or even Desmond Howard), the guest picker on College Gameday today from Eugene was five-year Braden Pape, who was known for singing last year on the show. Pape did not agree on much with Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit (hell, he picked Baylor!), when he picked Yale to upset Harvard today in The Game, Corso uncorked his trademark line, with a twist. And later, he nearly killed a duck. These things actually happened. Let's go to the videotape.

Herbstreit's reaction was priceless but as well have learned many a time before, you never know what to expect to come from Corso's mouth.

But the fireworks were far from over. When Corso picked the Ducks to defeat Stanford, not only did he (and the kid) have the usual headgear, he was given a live duck. We then learned that Herbstreit is afraid of ducks and Corso is not skilled with handling birds either.

You know, I was watching these proceedings while on the bike at the AU gym and it's a miracle that I didn't fall off.

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