16 November 2012

Aaron Rodgers should shut up about his 60 Minutes piece

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was featured on 60 Minutes a few weeks ago. Normally, you would think that a player would not have any problems with what is essentially a puff piece about arguably the best quarterback in the NFL. But not only did Rodgers take exception, he still takes exception and the CBS News program is firing back. 

First, check out the piece here:

Seems like a pretty good piece, eh? Showcase a fascinating backstory to a star quarterback, what's wrong with that? Well, it did seem to show that Rodgers is a bit sensitive, although he anger with the piece seems to prove that part of the Californian. Maybe CBS could have shown more of his charity work, but it isn't like they are trying to make him out to be Christ or anything. 

Now, after Detroit reporters questioned Rodgers on whether he suggested in the piece whether potentially the Detroit Lions were using a bounty system in the context of his concussion suffered against the club back in 2010, Rodgers responded by saying this:
"I wouldn't put a whole lot of weight into that story. It was cut for their purposes, their agenda, and most of the answers were either just portions of a bigger answer or probably not even for the question that was asked. So, I'm not even going to touch that one."
I watched the piece, and I certainly remember Rodgers suggesting that potentially more teams than just the New Orleans Saints. So let's go to the transcript (or the video above):
Aaron Rodgers: Every game I feel like they're trying to take me out. Now I don't know about money. I've never felt there's been money on my head. But, that's what happens. The defense is trying to either knock you out of the game or knock you out of your rhythm. It's everything from trash talking to a borderline late hit to a dirty play.
Scott Pelley: You seeing more of it now or less?
Aaron Rodgers: About the same. Again, I can't speak on any of the bounty stuff. Like, I don't know what teams were also using systems like that. But--
Scott Pelley: You think it's more than one?
Aaron Rodgers: Could have been. Could have been. It's not outside the realm of thinking that there could have been other teams that had similar systems.
Jeff Fager, chairman of CBS News as well as executive producer of 60 Minutes, responded as such:
"Aaron Rodgers was never taken out of context and most anybody portrayed as he was on 60 Minutes would have been flattered by the story. It was fair and accurate and it was obvious we got it right when we reported that he tends to be overly sensitive."
Ouch. That has to hurt, but one has to admit that Fager is absolutely right. Rodgers got a nice puff piece and he's nitpicking and whining about CBS's "agenda." And it certainly is clear that Rodgers is fairly sensitive. Not to mention that the piece noted the out of the ordinary fanbase of the Green Bay Packers, one that I can certainly attest to. So quite frankly, Rodgers should shut up and move on.

Next time 60 Minutes does a profile of a Packer, it should be Tom Crabtree.

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