01 October 2012

Is it time for Tim Tebow in New York?

At one glance, the Jets are not in awful shape, considering they are tied at the top of the AFC East and right now would be in the playoffs. But things are heading downhill fast for Gang Green and their disastrous performance against San Francisco yesterday afternoon signified that. Save for the fluke opening performance against Buffalo, the offense has been a complete disaster (tied for 29th) and is losing their top threat in wideout Santonio Holmes for an unspecified amount of time while the defense has not been much better and with Darrelle Revis out for the season (and the awful Kyle Wilson filling in) things are not going to get better.

In the crosshairs of the mess is quarterback Mark Sanchez, who has been awful since that Buffalo game with a 43.5% completition percentage since and QB ratings of 66.6, 58.2 and 39.9 since then. And the team has a backup that you may have heard of. Should the Jets pull the plug on Sanchez and insert Tim Tebow?

Now to be fair to Sanchez, everything is not all his fault. Shonn Greene has been atrocious running the football, averaging a hearty 2.8 yards-per-carry. Sanchez also has pretty much nobody to throw to besides the now-injured Holmes, especially as tight end Dustin Keller has barely played in 2012. The offensive line allows too much pressure (which hurts because Sanchez takes too many sacks). And to be fair to Sanchez, he has excellent taste in women, which counts for...something.

But let's not say that Sanchez is devoid of blame either, because quite frankly, he is still making the same mistakes that he made a rookie. He still is terrible with the football, makes stupid mistakes and is skittish in the pocket and we saw that against San Francisco. He threw a pick, nearly threw a couple more, and lost a fumble in 49ers territory. The fact is that he can't move the ball and has not been able to do so since the Buffalo game is a real problem.

Where has Sanchez improved over the past few years? I understand statistically he had a decent year last season but the guy simply cannot hold onto the football, it looks like he is a rookie out there. I understand he was the quarterback when the team went to back-to-back AFC Championship Games but to say he led the team there is like saying Trent Dilfer led the Ravens to victory in Super Bowl XXXV.

The scapegoats of yesteryear are gone. Vilified offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer "resigned" after last season and fled to St. Louis. Wayne Hunter was dealt to St. Louis where he actually is not playing awful. These two guys were dealt much of the blame for the offensive failures (particularly last year) but both are no longer around, while the situation has gotten worse.

I know Jets fans are dreading this, but it is time to turn to Tim Tebow. I'm not saying that putting Tebow in will solve all of the Jets problems nor do I think he will pull off what he did last year in Denver again but can he honestly do worse than what the team has right now? The Jets need a spark offensively and while Tebow has been ineffective in the Wildcat, why not throw him in the ring? The team is in bad shape as it is, why not see if Tebow can take the reins and put something together?

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