23 October 2012

2012 World Series Predictions

And then there were two. The 2012 MLB season began in Tokyo eight months ago and there are two clubs whose dreams of a World Series championship are still alive. The Fall Classic kicks off tomorrow night in San Francisco. Will the Giants win their second World Series in three years and sixth overall or will the Tigers win their fifth title and their first since 1984?

You look at the San Francisco Giants and the defining number for them is six. That is the amount of elimination games they have played in this postseason and look where they are right now, fighting off the Reds and those lucky guys from St. Louis.

Meanwhile for the Tigers, the defining number for them is five. They have won five games in a row since being on the ropes in the ALDS and blowing a 2-0 lead to the Athletics before dominating Oakland in the fifth game and completely shutting down the Yankees' offense in the ALCS.

While homefield advantage is a nice advantage for the Giants thanks to the All-Star Game crap plus their rotation is pretty strong and could take advantage of a couple of spacious ballparks, I really think that the Tigers are so hot right now, nobody can beat them. Of teams that have played more than one game this postseason, they have the strongest offense and have pitched the best. Plus, they have the advantage of having the best pitcher in baseball right now go for two starts in Justin Verlander.
Tigers in 5

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