23 October 2012

2012 NFL Week 8 Picks

Every year that Michael Vick has been with the Philadelphia Eagles, he and his club have gone down to Hotlanta and played the Atlanta Falcons in the Georgia Dome. Coincidence? Certainly not but that changes this year as Vick and Philadelphia host the Falcons this Sunday afternoon. For a club looking to make more waves in the NFC East, this is a big game for the Eagles who really need a statement victory. Atlanta is looking strong at 6-0 and look to keep the momentum rolling. Will they be able to?

These are my week eight NFL picks.
Last Week: 12-1
2012: 59-47

Thursday, September 25
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4) vs. Minnesota Vikings (5-2) - NFL Network, 8:20
I have loved the mindset, the take-no-crap mentality that Greg Schiano has instilled with the Buccaneers. It's very New Jersey, which automatically means I love it. They are physical and do not get pushed around anymore. And they are great stuffing the run and are third in the league against the run. So Adrian Peterson will not have a strong day. But Christian Ponder will have a good day because the Bucs could not stop a college team in the air.
Vikings 17 Buccaneers 10

Sunday, September 28
Seattle Seahawks (4-3) vs. Detroit Lions (2-4) - FOX, 1:00
The Detroit Lions are going to continue to struggle as they are so one-dimensional on offense. Their running game is simply not there and thus they are forced to throw the ball 40 + times. Against a team that is very strong against the pass like the Seahawks, who feature an excellent secondary and an aggressive pass rush, that type of strategy does not bode well.
Seahawks 23 Lions 19

Carolina Panthers (1-5) vs. Chicago Bears (5-1) - FOX, 1:00
The struggles will continue for the Panthers once again this week, so you know that Cam Newton's suggestion box will be quite full on Sunday night. Carolina is looking like an absolute mess right now and while I think they will get a much needed victory at some point but with all the distractions this week plus an opportunistic Bears defense, the losing will continue.
Bears 31 Panthers 14

Washington Redskins (3-4) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-3) - FOX, 1:00
Watching Robert Griffin III play right now and how electric he is, you have to wonder how anybody will stop him when he hits his prime. The guy is awesome. But this is a bad matchup for him. The Steelers have an elite pass defense, second best statistically in the league, and they still have a great pass rush, which will take advantage of an awful Redskins line. Now Griffin will still make some explosive plays since the Steelers are slow defensively, it will not come as easy. Plus Ben Roethlisberger will have no problem torching a terrible Redskins pass defense.
Steelers 35 Redskins 24

Atlanta Falcons (6-0) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (3-3) - FOX, 1:00
You saw a blueprint for how to slowdown the Falcons two weeks ago when they nearly lost to the Raiders in that you have to force Matt Ryan to make mistakes and throw interceptions. Of course, the Raiders lost because Carson Palmer loves to throw that back-breaking pick but where I think the Eagles will be effective this Sunday is to pressure Ryan with their strong defensive line and finally it appears that they will play to Nnamdi Asomugha's strength and play him in some man coverage. I'm smelling an upset here.
Eagles 31 Falcons 27

Indianapolis Colts (3-3) vs. Tennessee Titans (3-4) - CBS, 1:00
I think this could be a relatively exciting game because both defenses are pretty mediocre. The Titans cannot stop the pass, so Andrew Luck should have some success in the air. The Colts suck against the run, so Chris Johnson should have some success. But ultimately, the Colts cannot stop anybody on defense so slight edge to Tennessee.
Titans 27 Colts 25

San Diego Chargers (3-3) vs. Cleveland Browns (1-6) - CBS, 1:00
The Browns right now are 26th in the league against the pass and against a passing centric club like the Chargers, that will not cut it. Cleveland will try to counter that by pounding the ground and controlling the clock with Trent Richardson, but the Chargers have the second best run defense in the NFL. Not a good matchup for our friends in the Forest City.
Chargers 27 Browns 13

Miami Dolphins (3-3) vs. New York Jets (3-4) - CBS, 1:00
The Jets may still a mess on offense, even with the best quarterback in the NFL in Mark Sanchez, but their defense has been really good of late and doing a good job keeping them in games. They still can't sack the passer but they are doing a good job stopping the pass and the run. I think that will continue against the Dolphins because they will focus on making Ryan Tannehill beat them and while I think he has been impressive at times, he is not quite there yet.
Jets 16 Dolphins 7

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5) vs. Green Bay Packers (4-3) - CBS, 1:00
Maurice Jones-Drew will not play this Sunday due to a foot injury suffered last Sunday, so that pretty much kills any chance the Jaguars have this Sunday, whether or not Blaine Gabbert or Chad Henne starts at quarterback. The fact that Aaron Rodgers has been awesome the past two weeks and the fact that Jacksonville is pretty mediocre against the pass spells blowout. Green Bay is my Lock of the Week.
Packers 38 Jaguars 10

New England Patriots (4-3) vs. St. Louis Rams (3-4) - CBS, 1:00
Is the Patriots era over? It sure looks like it, considering they have looked pretty inconsistent this season, struggling to win games they should not be in doubt and they have only had two comfortable wins this season. Let's face it, this is the worst Patriots team since 2002 and while they should win this game solidly since the Rams did jut get smoked in the air by Aaron Rodgers, the Patriots will let the Rams hang around until the horn.
Patriots 24 Rams 21

Oakland Raiders (2-4) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (1-5) - CBS, 4:05
Both of these teams are not very good so this should be fun to watch. And when you have a quarterback matchup of Carson Palmer and Brady Quinn, you know there is going to be an emphasis by both parties on the running game. And fortunately for the Chiefs, nobody is slowing down Jamaal Charles right now so I think they will ride him to an ugly victory in KC.
Chiefs 13 Raiders 9

New York Giants (5-2) vs. Dallas Cowboys (3-3) - FOX, 4:25
Quite frankly, I do not get the Dallas Cowboys and they are just so inconsistent week to week. They let a mediocre Panthers club that they are much more talented than and yet it was a tight ballgame. And the Giants have been looking like a real good club the last few weeks. So you know what? Give me the Cowboys at home this Sunday. I think Tony Romo will avoid turnovers and make some big plays.
Cowboys 30 Giants 28

New Orleans Saints (2-4) vs. Denver Broncos (3-3) - NBC, 8:20
Hey, now the Saints have themselves an interim coach, instead of you know, the classic interim interim coach. Joe Vitt now takes the reins of the Saints and now he has to take the club a mile high. This will be a shootout but the difference will be in the fact that the Saints cannot stop anybody through the air and the Broncos are good enough rushing the passer to slow down Drew Brees just enough to win.
Broncos 45 Saints 38

Monday, September 29
San Francisco 49ers (5-2) vs. Arizona Cardinals (4-3) - ESPN, 8:30
Alex Smith's struggles in the passing game will continue this week against a Cardinals defense that is very strong against the pass and very good at pressuring the passer. But fortunately for the 49ers, Arizona is not that good against the run plus their offense is in a bit of flux right now so in what will be a defensive struggle, I think the edge goes to San Francisco.
49ers 17 Cardinals 12


  1. The Jets cannot throw the ball.....except for 328 yards and 8 Yards per attempt on 69% passing .... in addition to having 1 receiver and 1 te that can even catch the ball

    1. Whatever, I changed what I said accordingly.

    2. But hey, a team 28th in passing is a great passing team, right?