09 October 2012

2012 NFL Week 6 Picks

Well there is now only one team that has yet to find victory this season and unfortunately for Trent Richardson, it's the Cleveland Browns. The Browns had the Giants on the ropes early, leading 17-7 early in the second quarter, but they got outscored 34-10 the rest of the way. Can they get their first win this Sunday against their intrastate rivals or will it be 0-6 for the depressed natives of Cleveland? And how about the other games this week?

It's time for the B-FLO 360 NFL picks for week six.
Last Week: 9-5
2012: 42-36

Thursday, October 11th
Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Tennessee Titans (NFL Network, 8:30)
The Titans have been a disaster on defense. They have given up the most points per game (36.2) and the fourth most yardage per game (423.8). Jake Locker continues to be out, his replacement, Matt Hasselbeck, has been mediocre and Chris Johnson continues to have no room to run the football. All of those things do not bode well against the Steelers, who are my Lock of the Week.
Steelers 30 Titans 7

Sunday, October 14th
St. Louis Rams vs. Miami Dolphins (FOX, 1:00)
Jeff Fisher has remade the Rams, especially defensively, in the manner of the clubs he coached in Nashville where they are very physical, particularly in the secondary, and generate a strong pass rush from the front four. But the offense has been dreadful as Sam Bradford has been very erratic and it is hurting Steven Jackson in the running game. I am liking when I have been saying from Ryan Tannehill under center for Miami plus the Dolphins have been solid on defense. This should be a close game but since the 'Phins have some sort of an offense, edge to them.
Dolphins 14 Rams 10

Detroit Lions vs. Philadelphia Eagles (FOX, 1:00)
The Lions are an odd club, they are third in total offense and ninth in total defense and yet they are 1-3 and in last place in the NFC North.That's what happens when you give up over 28 points a game to your opponents. Detroit has also been miserable on special teams to boot. That said, I think they rally and start to get their season back on track this Sunday in Philadelphia. The Eagles have struggled once again to protect Michael Vick and I believe that the Lions will be able to put pressure on Vick and force him into making mistakes.
Lions 27 Eagles 24

Dallas Cowboys vs. Baltimore Ravens (FOX, 1:00)
We are seeing what we are used to seeing from Tony Romo, putting up nice numbers and looking fantastic at times but too many mistakes and interceptions (which he has nearly twice of as compared to touchdown passes). Now while the Ravens are not as good defensively as they have been in the past, they are still a very opportunistic defense (just ask Matt Cassel). Now Dallas's tremendous defense will keep them in the game but Romo's mistakes will hurt them and ultimately cost them the game.
Ravens 23 Cowboys 17

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns (CBS, 1:00)
That bold prediction I made last week of picking the Browns over the Giants looked nice early but ultimately, the Browns' promising start ended with New York ending the game on a 34-10 run. What really hurt Cleveland was their defense. The Giants scorched them through the air, including Victor Cruz scoring three touchdowns. More importantly, their run defense was really awful, allowing Ahmad Bradshaw to run for 200 yards on them. If the Browns put another awful defensive showing on the field, they won't beat anybody. Now while these Buckeye State showdowns are usually something to watch, I think the Bengals, with something to prove, will take the cake.
Bengals 23 Browns 13

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (CBS, 1:00)
These teams are going to run the ball, run the ball, run the ball because neither has been successful at all in throwing the ball at all this season. Matt Cassel has put up some yards but he has almost double the amount of interceptions as touchdowns and fans are seriously calling for Brady Quinn to get more playing time. But good thing for them, they have Jamaal Charles and while the Buccaneers are good at stopping the run, Charles is hot right now and he will be tough to stop.
Chiefs 9 Buccaneers 3

Oakland Raiders vs. Atlanta Falcons (CBS, 1:00)
Oakland has gotten smoked this season, save for the comeback victory against Pittsburgh a few weeks ago and what has killed them is the fact that Darren McFadden has not found much traction running the football and the defense has gotten scorched all season long. That does not bode well for an 11:00 am start against a red-hot Falcons club.
Falcons 31 Raiders 13

Indianapolis Colts vs. New York Jets (CBS, 1:00)
So the Jets were not killed as expected on Monday night by the Texans and by the looks of it, it was a relatively close game. Maybe if the Jets had an offense, they could have won considering they shut down Houston's passing game but did get scorched by Arian Foster on the ground. Indianapolis is riding high after an emotional comeback victory over the Packers and not only did Andrew Luck look good, but Donald Brown was very solid running the football. Give me the Colts.
Colts 20 Jets 13

Buffalo Bills vs. Arizona Cardinals (CBS, 4:05)
Here is a fun fact for the Bills, in the last five quarters they have played, they have given up 76 points. 76 points! That is a team that is playing some great football right now. Fortunately for the Bills, the Cardinals are not great offensively so they will not put up 40 points on this awful Bills defense but their defense is very good, which will not allow Buffalo to get anything going offensively.
Cardinals 19 Bills 9

New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks (CBS, 4:05)
This is going to be a very close game for the Patriots, not unlike the loss against the Cardinals a few weeks back in Foxborough. Seattle has themselves an excellent defense, first overall statistically, and their strong secondary will give Tom Brady and his wideouts a tough go at it. But fortunately for New England and their awful secondary, which has gotten outclassed seemingly every week, the Seahawk passing game has been ineffective almost all season, with calls for Russell Wilson's job. Seattle likes to rely on Marshawn Lynch and the ground game but the Pats have been pretty solid against the run and are in the top ten. While it will not be easy,  New England will escape the tough environment with a win.
Patriots 21 Seahawks 17

Minnesota Vikings vs. Washington Redskins (FOX, 4:25)
Can somebody explain how the Redskins have not won a home game since September 18th of last year? I understand that FedExField is a dump but that is really terrible. And that losing streak will continue as Robert Griffin III is coming off a concussion suffered on Sunday plus the Vikings will keep the ball away from him by pounding an awful Redskin defense with a heavy dose of Adrian Peterson. Plus the Vikings have been good defensively all year anyways. I'm starting to like this club.
Vikings 20 Redskins 15

New York Giants vs. San Francisco 49ers (FOX, 4:25)
The Giants are just so inconsistent, seemingly, as one minute they are stinking up the joint, the next they are running their opponents out of the stadium, and both happened Sunday afternoon against the woebegone Browns. And a team that is pretty inconsistent defensively as the G-Men are will have a tough go against teams with such balanced attacks like the 49ers. I understand Buffalo sucks but for a team to put up 300 yards rushing and 300 yards passing, that is damn impressive. New York is an elite road team but the 49ers are rolling right now.
49ers 30 Giants 21

Green Bay Packers vs. Houston Texans (NBC, 8:25)
That awful second half performance in Indianapolis by the Packers was really disheartening not just that Andrew Luck and Reggie Wayne made sweet love in the air over Charles Woodson but save for one drive, the Packers could not move the ball on offense. And I am sorry, but if you cannot move the ball against the Colts' defense, you sure as hell are not moving the ball on the Texans' defense. J.J. Watt could legitimately have four sacks in this game. And the Packers struggled to slow down Donald Brown in the run game, so you know Arian Foster is licking his chops.
Texans 34 Packers 22

Monday, October 15th
Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers (ESPN, 8:30)
A buddy of mine, who's a real Norv Turner guy, gave me a great stat that the Chargers coach has the second worst record all-time in one possession games of 48-68-1. Great coach. Anyways, this is a bad matchup for San Diego as last week's was as they struggle to slow down elite passers. Drew Brees gutted them last week and Peyton Manning will gut them this week.
Broncos 35 Chargers 24


  1. You had that Denver/San Diego score exactly right.

    1. Wow, I didn't even notice that. That happened once last year as well.