06 October 2012

2012 MLB Postseason: ALDS & NLDS Predictions

And now, we have baseball's "Elite Eight." I'm here all week. Anyways, the League Division Series start today after the conclusion of Friday's Wild Card action (including this beauty) with the St. Louis Cardinals and the Baltimore Orioles joining the larger party of clubs with still a dream at the Fall Classic. Who will advance to the American League and National League Championship Series?
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A couple months ago, the Yankees had a double-digit lead in the AL East over Baltimore but the division was only decided on Wednesday. You have to say clearly the Orioles are hotter coming into the playoffs, and are coming off a solid win the Wild Card round against Texas. But I prefer the Yankees, who are able to set their rotation and their tremendous lineup should put up a lot of runs against a Baltimore staff that has been pitching great, but is it sustainable? But this Baltimore club will not go away slowly so this will be a full five.
Yankees in 5

It's been a few days and I still cannot believe that the A's won the AL West and came damn close to getting the top seed in the Junior Circuit. And while their run has been so remarkable this season, their postseason hopes will be vanquished rather quickly. Detroit has a better and a more experienced pitching staff plus the lineup has been much stronger, and they have a guy that just won the Triple Crown. Somewhat of a big deal.
Tigers in 4

Blown infield fly call aside, I was not that impressed with the Cardinals in their Friday evening victory in Hotlanta. St. Louis took advantage of three Atlanta errors and they did not play particularly smoothly themselves either, and rode a huge game from Matt Holliday, while the rest of the offense was not particularly great. I know they are without Stephen Strasburg but the Nats still have a great rotation, particularly Gio Gonzalez, and I think they are the more fundamentally sound club. B-FLO 360 is feeling the #Natitude (I apologize to everybody for writing that).
Nationals in 3

I am on the record of predicting the Reds to win the NL Pennant and I am sticking with them, at least to get to the NLCS. Everybody talks about the Giants' tremendous rotation but Cincinnati has itself a really good pitching staff as well, and even had the better ERA on the season (Cincinnati: 3.34; San Francisco: 3.68). Plus while I think that Buster Posey should win NL MVP, but I am not fearing that Giants lineup beyond him. Cincinnati's offense, which has been hitting well with Joey Votto back, will be good enough to carry the Red Stockings.
Reds in 4

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