17 September 2012

Why is Colorado such a disaster?

To say that the Colorado Buffaloes are awful is pretty much an understatement. In fact, not only are they the worst team in a BCS conference, you could make an argument that they are the worst program in the FBS. They sit at 0-3 after losing to rival Colorado State (who has gone 0-2 since, including losing to North Dakota State), Sacramento State, a middling FCS program, and on Saturday getting utterly trounced by Fresno State, where is was 55-0 at the half. So why is Colorado so bad?

Where it all beings is the recruiting sex scandal from the Gary Barnett tenure which left such a black eye on the program that it still has not recovered completely yet. The school also made strong rules regarding visits from prospective recruits also really hurt recruiting. What also hurt was that Dan Hawkins, brought in with high expectations after winning a lot at Boise State, was awful recruiting and thus the talent was at a subpar level for the Big XII.

Jon Embree was hired a year ago amid financial problems in the athletic department in Boulder as well as the mediocre talent on the field thanks to Hawkins' disappointing tenure. He was hired because he was a former Buffalo and because he would come cheap (which is always a dangerous idea). Now while Embree has proven to be at least a decent recruiter, there is no question that he is over his head. That is not that surprising considering that Embree came back to the program with no coordinating experience, much less head coaching experience (ask Tim Brewster how that worked out in Minnesota). And with a club that looks terrible and could very well end with zero victories (their best shot may be this Saturday in the Pahlouse), he will probably be gone. So it is hard to say if there is any hope for the future for the Buffs.

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