16 September 2012

Should the Redskins cut Joshua Morgan after his idiotic penalty against St. Louis?

In what was one of the most selfish, boneheaded penalties I have seen in a long time, Joshua Morgan effectively killed the Redskins' chances to win by, after catching a pass from Robert Griffin III to make it fourth-and-one and in decent position for a tying field goal, throwing the football at Cortland Finnegan. Washington, who did lead the Rams 21-6 at one point, was forced to attempt a 62-yarder with no timeouts and it was nowhere close. Let's go to the videotape.

I mean, one cannot comprehend how dumb that was, considering it killed any shot Washington had for tying, or even winning the game after Rams back Darryl Richardson, who was in the game after Steven Jackson got benched for an unsportsmanlike penalty on what he thought was a touchdown, fumbled. I understand Finnegan is an instigator and he did graze Morgan's facemask, but are you kidding me, Morgan? Of course Finnegan always tries to get in receiver's heads but there is no excuse for Morgan to pull that crap.

So, I see some folks are talking about whether or not the team should cut Morgan. I would be surprised if the team cut him, considering how much they overpaid him even when they had better guys like Leonard Hankerson on the roster already. I think what Mike Shanahan really should do, if they are not willing to eat the money he is being paid because if they are, why not cut him, but they should at the very least suspend him for a few weeks. That was disgraceful, quite frankly, and in the worst time to do it as well, so he should be punished for such a selfish act accordingly.

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