02 September 2012

Can the Ohio Bobcats go undefeated?

Was Ohio beating Penn State yesterday really that much of an upset? Yes it is a MAC team going into a Big Ten venue and beating a Big Ten team but this is a Penn State team that lost a lot thanks to NCAA sanctions while this is a very good Bobcats team, one that returned 13 starters, including quarterback Taylor Tettleton, from a 10-win team a year ago. Yeah it probably still was an upset but anyways, that's not the point of this post.

The Bobcats are somewhat of a trendy pick to go undefeated. In fact, just ask Sports Illustrated's Stewart Mandel and Holly Anderson. So with what may have been their biggest test of the season out of the way, could the Bobcats run the table?

Ohio is clearly the top team in the conference. They are a veteran team with only a few underclassmen starting that, as I mentioned, returns more than half their starters, including Tettleton. The two other top MAC teams from a year ago, Northern Illinois, who beat Ohio in the conference championship game, and Toledo are replacing much of their offenses. Plus, neither of them play the Bobcats this year, in fact the top conference team that Ohio plays this year is probably Bowling Green, who played Florida very tough yesterday, and plays in Athens this year. So while it is too early to tell if Ohio will run through the conference, the relatively easy schedule, particularly in conference, bodes well for the Bobcats to run the table.

Now here is another question, if the Bobcats go 12-0 and win the MAC Championship Game, could they potentially be in line to bust the BCS. You would think no initially, not with the statement victory, in all likelihood, being yesterday's Penn State victory. But do you remember when Ball State was 12-0 in 2008 going into the MAC Championship Game? At that time, they were ranked 12th in the BCS rankings and while they would not have gotten a bid anyways since Boise State was also undefeated, higher in the rankings, and they did not get a BCS bid, they were in the zone to get an at-large bid. And this season, the at-large teams from the non-power conferences do not look all that promising. So while it is still a longshot, Ohio in the BCS could happen.

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