23 August 2012

Skip Bayless speculates Derek Jeter is on PEDs, Stephen A. Smith loses his mind

Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter has been having a tremendous season this year, sixth in baseball with a .324 batting average, leading the majors in hits and having some of his best statistical numbers in a few years as well as being the leader and a key component of the AL East leaders, all at the ripe age of 38. So naturally, because of his age and because he is having a great season, Skip Bayless insinuates that Jeter may (keyword: may) be using performance enhancing drugs. Stephen A. Smith procedes thereafter to lose his mind. Let's go to the videotape.

Now to be completely fair to Bayless, he never actually accused Jeter of enhancing, just speculating. And who knows, could Jeter be using? I cannot say 100% that Jeter is clean, just like I cannot say that about anyone.

But his logic is horribly wrong. This is not like Melky Cabrera, who was an average outfielder before playing out of his mind the last two seasons. Jeter's numbers are around his career average. Yes he had two down seasons, by his standards, before this season but just to automatically speculate that he is using PEDs because he is old and still playing great is just lazy. Then again, we are talking about Skip Bayless and he likes to throw things around without any real evidence.

Jeter took the high road and laughed out Bayless' suggestion, saying
What do you want me to say? Maybe Skip should be tested. I don't know him, but...

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