06 August 2012

2012 NFL on FOX Announcers

Big news today for those who care about NFL announcing crews (believe me, it's more than just me and my friends at Mizzou) because FOX Sports has announced (pun intended) their seven announcing crews for the 2012 NFL season with some changes made at the bottom of the depth chart. Continue reading to check them out.

H/T Fang's Bites
NFL on FOX schedule
  1. Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Pam Oliver (plus Erin Andrews for Thanksgiving and Playoffs)
  2. Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, Tony Siragusa
  3. Thom Brennaman, Brian Billick, Laura Okmin
  4. Dick Stockton, John Lynch, Jennifer Hale
  5. Chris Myers, Tim Ryan, Jaime Maggio
  6. Ron Pitts, Mike Martz, Kristina Pink
  7. Sam Rosen, Heath Evans
Here are some thoughts of mine...

As you notice immediatly, probably because I told you already, we got some changes at the bottom of the depth chart. I love that they are moving up Rosen so he does more games, while not a regular slate, while moving Pitts down, as him moving down and doing less games is not a bad thing as he is terrible. Should make him an analyst again.

Pitts and Martz will be the six crew, Rosen and Evans the seventh crew.

For the two new analysts, I really like the addition of Evans. I have enjoyed his work at NFL Network a lot and I think he can bring a fresh, no-holds-barred perspective to the booth. Not quite sure about Martz. Don't remember him on NFL Network a few years back and while he has great football knowledge, he is not exactly Mr. Charisma. 

Plus, can they roll out Dick Stockton's carcass already? And how about moving up Jaime Maggio and dumping Laura Okmin?


  1. Bad thing about Ron Pitt moving down is that he would likely be shifted to the 3 spot for Thom while he replaces Joe for MLB playoffs

  2. That's not true Michael. Chris Myers fills in for Thom Brennaman while he's covering for Joe Buck. Ron Pitts has never filled in for Thom Brennaman. It has always been Chris Myers, but this year it's going to be Sam Rosen.

    1. Last year it was Sam Rosen since Myers was moved up to a regular crew.