12 July 2012

Sorry Kobe, the Dream Team would have crushed the 2012 USA Basketball team

Kobe Bryant made some news the other day for suggesting that the 2012 USA Men's Basketball team would have "pulled it out" in a hypothetical match with the legendary 1992 USA team, commonly known as the Dream Team. And he is absolutely out of his mind.

Now I do not mean this as a slam on the 2012 squad, which will win the gold, and quite frankly is better than the 2008 team, even with the lack of depth down low, because this team has the same core but is older, more mature and has played together already.

But there will never be any team as good as the Dream Team was, the most talented and the most dominant team probably in the history of team sports. They had Michael Jordan at his zenith. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were both at the end of the line but still excellent players. Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone and David Robinson were all in their primes and their depth down low is so much stronger than the 2012 club's. Scottie Pippen was a star in Barcelona, his defense was brilliant. John Stockton was great at the point and also in his prime.

You had so many of the game's greatest in their primes and on the same team. Nobody was going to beat them and nobody came close. Kobe may be trying to get some attention or motivate this team but saying they would have eked out a victory is madness. The Dream Team would have won handily. And Kobe knows it.

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