05 June 2012

When Stephen A. Smith's SNL impersonator meets Stephen A. Smith...

Remember that tremendous, spot-on impersonation of Stephen A. Smith that was a web exclusive skit on Saturday Night Live? Besides proving that SNL still can put together some funny stuff, it proved that Jay Pharoah is awesome (here's some more with him impersonating Denzel Washington and Will Smith). So naturally, the producers on that disaster known as First Take brought on Pharoah for some NBA talk with the real Stephen A. as well as discussing that Stephen A. loved the skit. Pharoah then not only impersonates Smith right in his face, he also impersonates Charles Barkley and Eddie Murphy. Let's go to the videotape featuring minimal Skip Bayless (thank the lord).


  1. you don't call a show an abortion, that doesn't make any sense. the word you are looking for is aberration.

    1. I'm changing the word because I meant for it to mean that it's so horrendously bad. But aberration would not work there either.