03 May 2012

Tommy Rees got arrested in a hilarious manner last night

Notre Dame quarterback Tommy Rees was going to face a tough battle for his starting job this season as the Fighting Irish have three other really talented quarterbacks waiting in the wings, including ballyhooed freshman Gunner Kiel. Rees may have just lost the job himself after getting arrested in the wee hours of Monday morning in a truly ridiculous and humorous manner.

South Bend cops went to a house at 12:30 in the morning after receiving a call about a loud party and they found a "madhouse of people" at the house, drinking and congregating outside. When the cops got near the house, "five or six people hopped a fence and led police on a chase" as the report states, including Rees. The cops finally caught up with them (Rees is not very mobile) and corralled them but Rees, according to the South Bend police Captain, "actively resisted." Rees knocked the wind out of one of the officers by kneeing him to the chest and he also got himself peppered sprayed while on the ground.

And the best part is some clown, also on the Notre Dame squad and is a backup linebacker, tried to help out Rees and said "my people will get you" to the cop. Now if that is not hilarious, I know nothing.

While that clown got arrested on a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct, Rees, while not charged, is facing charges of resisting law enforcement, felony battery to law enforcement, minor consumption and public intoxication. Now even if he does not get charged, this kid just made himself out to be a freaking moron.

(H/T Chicago Tribune)

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