30 May 2012

So much for the hilarity of Patrick Ewing coaching the Bobcats

So last night while I was still up for some reason, I tweeted out that I wanted the Charlotte Bobcats and incompetant owner Michael Jordan to hire Patrick Ewing for their vacant head coach just for laughs. I mean, since Jordan has hired so many of his unqualified cronies, why not another?

Well Adrian Wojnarowski must have read my tweet and decided to drop the bomb that MJ told Ewing that he would not get the job. So while that is another wish of mine that did not get granted, here is why I thought that it would have so funny if the woebegone Bobcats had hired Ewing.

Now I have no idea why anybody would want the Bobcats job. Yes I understand that an NBA coaching job is still an NBA coaching job but it's a team that has no talent, a team that desperately needs either Anthony Davis or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist in the draft, and an owner who does not seem to be interested in putting money in the team plus has a terrible record as a personnel guy. Why guys like Jerry Sloan or Nate McMillan are so openly interested in the job makes no sense to me since both are very good coaches that can do much better. That's why I ultimately think that they could go with Michael Malone, assistant head coach for the Warriors who has never coached before who could then grow with the team. So the team telling Ewing they don't want to hire him could be a blessing in disguise.

But I have no indicators that signify that the "Hoya Destroya" could be a quality NBA head coach. First, star players in all sports, not just the NBA, often don't become great head coaches because they cannot relate that well to the average, ordinary player. Also, what has made Ewing a great assistant? Working with Dwight Howard? Did Ewing really make a huge difference with Howard, who was already one of the young, elite centers in the league who was just growing into his body and becoming more and more comfortable in the league. Plus, Ewing in big roles outside of playing has not been a huge success, most memorably when he was President of the Players' Association, which Bill Simmons wrote in the Book of Basketball that hearing that he was named the President of the NBPA was like hearing that Flavor Flav was the President of Viacom, when he helped the players lose credibility during the 1998 NBA lockout with fans with idiotic comments that they were "fighting for our rights" and that basketball players "make a lot of money, but also spend a lot of money." It's clear that Ewing is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

But just like learning how to fly, yet another wish that fell through.

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