04 May 2012

Is Mariano Rivera's career over?

The big news in the world of Major League Baseball is the news that Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, after twisting his right knee while shagging fly balls during batting practice in Kauffman Stadium, tore his right knee ACL. Does this mean the end of the career of the greatest closer in MLB history?

Tearing the anterior cruciate ligament in your knee is pretty damn painful and really tough for everyone to recover from, let alone a 42-year old. While we all hope for the best, after all how could you wish that a legend's career end like this, to be honest, I'm not all that optimistic. There's been no announcement of how long Rivera will be out but for a player who was pondering whether or not 2012 would be his final season in baseball, it's tough to see him coming back.

As for the Yanks, this injury does not kill your season, not when you have a capable replacement in setup man David Robertson, who after a filthy 2011 is keeping it up as he had looked dominant this year, as well as fellow reliever Rafael Soriano, who has improved from a disappointing 2011 and has his fair share of closing experience.

But this is Mo we are talking about. 608 career saves, most all time. 12 All-Star appearances. One of the most dominant postseason pitchers ever. Even with very capable replacements, it's certainly not an easy role to fill. But now, all we can do is wonder about what, truly, is next.

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