30 May 2012

Funny story about Terrell Owens and that Indoor Football League action

So here is your obligatory Terrell Owens update. Remember when Owens, who had fallen pretty much completely off the face of this earth, signed with some team called the Allen Wranglers in some arena football league called the Indoor Football League and everything was all roses and he was given an ownership stake (Disclaimer: I also purchased an ownership stake in the Wranglers) and so this was going to be a success, right? Not so fast my friend.

So Owens, who while needing some cash thanks to some financial problems as well as the obligatory publicity that fuels his life signs with some team in a mediocre indoor football league, puts up some decent numbers (35 catches, 420 yards, 10 touchdowns) for this team, which decided to take the plunge to get some publicity because who cares about some middle of the road team in a sub-rate indoor football league in a town that most common folks have no idea where it is, and then decides to blow off a pair of road games and even blow off a scheduled appearance at a local children's hospital. Thus the team pulls the plug on this publicity stunt that just became a waste of time once fans started noticing that the guy who once was an elite NFL receiver is now just a loafer, biding his time before he can try to attempt some half-assed NFL comeback tour that would make Tiki Barber curdle.

I mean, why in the world should we care about this guy anymore? Hell, why am I even spending the time in the wee hours of the day writing a post about a guy who just cares about himself so much he couldn't waste his precious time on a team that gave him a little more promotion in order to sell some tickets that he would not only blow off kids but a children's hospital as well?

Actually, that's a great question. Time to end this post and go to bed.

(Disclaimer: I do not own any piece of the Allen Wranglers, who should play in Arlen instead).

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